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Pets of Hudson RPO – Our Favourite Colleagues

Pets of Hudson RPO – Our Favourite Colleagues

Margot Moore

Bringing joy in challenging times

If there was one group that largely benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic – it was our pets. And while our pets certainly were key beneficiaries of the pandemic, with owners working from home, many would agree that it was our pets that saved us during this challenging time.
While most of us were locked in doors (some of us longer than others), our pets were our constant. They were by our sides, every day. They listened to our sadness, they sat with us while we cried, they became our best friends (if they weren’t that already). While our pets likely thought us working from home was a gift – they comforted us more than they will ever know. 

Our pets’ role in the new world of working

As we move into a new hybrid way of working from home and office, pets continue to bring both physical and mental health benefits to their owners. In fact, 74% of pet owners reported an increase in their mental health from pet ownership, according to the Human Animal Bond Research Institute. The same institution notes five key benefits of pet ownership which further emphasize why our furry colleagues (whilst not very good at their desk jobs), are the best kind.

5 ways our pets positively impact our health and wellbeing:

  1. Pet ownership has been proven to alleviate stress. Multiple studies have shown that pet ownership can improve cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure and for dog owners – gives us a reason for getting out of the house every day for fresh air.1
  2. Pets improve mood and help to fight depression. According to a HABRI study of family physicians, 87% said their patients’ mood or outlook had improved as a result of pet ownership.2
  3. Pets give us companionship and reduce loneliness. While they may not be able to talk back to us in human languages, they certainly understand us – giving us a buddy we can always rely on to be there.
  4. Pets can contribute to our broader wellbeing by having a positive impact on our lives by bringing joy and comfort.
  5. Pets can provide longer term aid to those with mental health challenges. Owning a pet provides us with a sense of purpose and responsibility. Purpose and responsibility are key contributing factors for alleviating and/or managing mental health challenges.3

The science behind pet ownership

We can thank a chemical known as ‘Oxytocin’ or, the ‘love hormone’, to that rush of happiness we get when we see our pet’s excitement when we come home, or when we look over at our fur-friend doing something silly.  
When our brain releases oxytocin, we experience an array of physical benefits including slowing of the heart rate and breathing, decreased blood pressure, an inhibiting effect on stress and an overall sense of calm, comfort and focus.4

Our people and #ThePetsofHudsonRPO

In appreciation of our pets and everything they do for us; we asked our people to introduce us to theirs.

Meet some of the pets of Hudson RPO below:

Mojo and Manisha

Milo and Benji

Mojo and Manisha
"Mojo is turning 2 on Boxing Day 2022. His favorite snack is tomatoes - I find it weird. He finds the most awkward and funny positions to sleep. We love him to bits!”
Milo at table
“This is Milo, my rescued mutt. I rescued him from the streets in 2019, not knowing that he would later rescue my mental health during the isolation days of the pandemic in 2020.”

Luna, Aura and Concetta

“Luna and Aura are always next to me. They are very sociable, needy and give lots of cuddles and kisses. They are the best work assistants especially when they steal my pens.”

Hank and Matt

"Hiere is my dog Hank down here in Tampa, FL. He's a 7 year old bloodhoud who loves to nap, eat, and take long rides in the truck."

Tigger and Cameron

“This is Tigger-the-toeless who took on a car at 11 months old and lost, he in fact lost a whole toe and used five of his nine lives. He's a Bengal which means he is quite big, loves climbing and is hypoallergenic (which is great as I am allergic to cats).”

Oliang and Jake

“Oliang is my ‘office mate’- always staying beside me during work. She knows the time when I will start my shift, my lunchtime, and when I will be logging out.”

Murray and Louise

"This is Murray, the Sprocker. He is named after Andy Murray. Total coincidence that he is obsessed with tennis balls!"

Zoewhiey and Karisa

“Zoewhiey helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety. She's well known by my colleagues in Hudson RPO. Whenever we have meetings, she needs to be beside me if not she will bark and insist to join the meeting!”

See more #PetsofHudsonRPO here:

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bird or a bunny – As we continue to support our people to work flexibly, at Hudson RPO our pets make up an important and large portion of our workforce!

Want to help us shape the future of talent? Join our team today (and bring your pet!).


  1. Beetz, A., Uvnäs-Moberg, K., Julius, H., & Kotrschal, K. (2012). Psychosocial and psychophysiological effects of human-animal interactions: the possible role of oxytocin. Frontiers in psychology, 3, 234.
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  4. Beetz, A., Uvnäs-Moberg, K., Julius, H., & Kotrschal, K. (2012). Psychosocial and psychophysiological effects of human-animal interactions: the possible role of oxytocin. Frontiers in psychology, 3, 234.

Margot Moore

Global Brand Manager

Margot has worked across recruitment, employer branding and marketing for over 10 years. In her current role, Margot is responsible for the Hudson RPO brand and works closely with the global marketing team to ensure the consistency and quality of our brand.

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Hudson RPO has ranked fourth in EMEA

Hudson RPO has ranked fourth in EMEA in the regional Baker’s Dozen list of top RPO providers.

For the 13th consecutive year, Hudson RPO (NASDAQ: HSON) has been ranked among HRO Today magazine’s Baker’s Dozen list of top enterprise recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers globally.

The annual RPO Baker’s Dozen reflects the views of senior HR decision makers. The list is based on a survey of industry professionals, including RPO clients, who analyse and rank services offered across the market. The Baker’s Dozen survey is considered a leading global indicator of top recruitment outsourcing providers.

“We are delighted to be recognised in the top four RPO providers in EMEA. It means a great deal to us to be included in the Bakers Dozen rankings and I’m so pleased that the hard work and commitment put in by our teams every day is appreciated by our clients. 2022 has brought some unique challenges so I’m hugely grateful to everyone for their resilience, dedication and passion to deliver a world-class service” said Darren Lancaster, CEO of Hudson RPO Americas & EMEA.

“We are thankful for the continued partnerships with our wonderful clients, and appreciate the time taken by those that have shared their experiences and insights for the Baker’s Dozen.”

Darren Lancaster
Darren Lancaster, CEO for Americas & EMEA

Results of the Baker’s Dozen were based on a client satisfaction survey completed by 500 verified global customers who use recruitment outsourcing services. Respondents rated RPO providers on the overall breadth of service, deal size, and service quality.

About Hudson RPO

Hudson Global, Inc. is a leading total talent solutions provider operating under the brand name Hudson RPO. We deliver innovative, customised recruitment outsourcing and total talent solutions to organisations worldwide. Through our consultative approach, we design tailored solutions to meet our clients’ strategic growth initiatives. As a trusted advisor, we meet our commitments, deliver quality and value, and strive to exceed expectations.

Career progression in the Centre of Excellence with Gustavo Bonilla

Career progression in the Centre of Excellence with Gustavo Bonilla

Content Team

Gustavo knows a thing or two about career progression. As the Centre of Excellence (CoE) Delivery Lead in Tampa, it is not only his own career he shapes. Being in the field of talent, naturally he also transforms the careers of others and his team every day. Gustavo shares what it’s like to work at Hudson RPO and his recommendations for anyone looking to join the team in the future!

So where did it all start? After graduating and completing a variety of internships in different fields, Gustavo was searching for a job that would allow him to travel and see the world. His search eventually led him into the world of recruitment. From healthcare to logistics and retail, Gustavo quickly built extensive experience cross-industry. Shortly after he relocated from Orlando to Tampa, his expertise was noted by Hudson RPO recruiters, and we were lucky enough to welcome him into our team.

“I still remember walking into the office. I thought to myself, wow, this could be an incredibly fun place to work. During the interview, I got so motivated by how everyone welcomed me, their ambition, and what they were trying to build. This was at a time when the CoE was still very small, I was one of the first people in the office. I felt like at Hudson RPO, I could learn more and faster than anywhere else. Not even a year later I became CoE Delivery Lead!”

The Centre of Excellence, or CoE for short, can be described as a hub of knowledge and expertise. We like to describe it as our engine room. And for those looking to grow and develop, there is a lot on offer. Whether you want to learn new skills like X-Ray searches, sourcing on social media channels, or if you would like to brush up on existing skills after years of recruiting, you will find it in the CoE. But that’s not all; most importantly there is a learning culture that allows you to learn from senior managers, account managers and seasoned recruiters. As a CoE Lead, it is Gustavo’s job to understand where and how people want to grow and build the road that will get them there.

Tampa Coe team
Gustavo & the CoE team

“We want you to grow, to succeed, and the CoE is the perfect opportunity. From there you can take these skills anywhere your development takes you, for example into a client delivery position. This is because of our consistent training program aimed at developing your skills, the transparency around your development plan and career growth and lastly a network of highly skilled recruiters.”

Structures like these are unique to Hudson RPO. Instead of working on isolated roles for different clients, you get to know one existing account, inside out. Each of them comes with their own set of learning opportunities and teams, which opens avenues for learning at every level. Gustavo believes this is a huge benefit for anyone looking to increase their experience: “You are not stuck in one industry or place. If you have a strong interest in tech or the medical industry for example, there are accounts you can develop into to build your capabilities in recruitment.”

“Hudson RPO invests a lot of time in making sure you get proper training and guidance. Having the time to do this means you get to intensively work on the delivery of quality and an outstanding candidate experience from beginning to end. They make sure you are ready for whatever the world of recruitment could throw at you, I really appreciate that about Hudson RPO.”

But aside from the unique opportunities available, like rapid progression opportunities and learning and development, the company culture is what Gustavo considers the best thing about life at Hudson RPO.

“The company culture is a major win for me, I work with a whole bunch of great people in the office, who I can share my thoughts and challenges with, always. People in leadership are happy to listen to your ideas and open to making changes. This place is built around you and has the space for you to grow into whatever career path you choose.”

Gustavo’s advice for anyone considering joining Hudson RPO?

“If you are looking for key skills that will help you build your career, this is the place for you. The opportunities are there, and if you put in the effort and progression can happen very quickly. There is really no other company that reviews your progression and development with you every six months. Mix that with a great bunch of people to work with, and unlimited access to experience and guidance. I highly recommend it.”

In his free time, Gustavo likes to enjoy time in nature and on the beach.

Hudson RPO

Content Team

The Hudson RPO Content Team is made up of experts within the Talent Acquisition industry across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. They provide educational and critical business insights in the form of research reports, articles, news, videos, podcasts, and more. The team ensures high-quality content that helps all readers make talent decisions with confidence.

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Hudson RPO China Team recognised in 2022 China Recruiting & Staffing Solution Provider Value Awards for 3rd consecutive year

We are thrilled to announce Hudson RPO China Team has been recognised in HR Excellence China’s (HREC) 2022 China Recruiting & Staffing Solution Provider Value Award. This prestigious award was evaluated by 411 HR professionals from 20 different industries and across both multi-national and local companies.

The Hudson RPO China team stood out in its evaluation for market awareness: 40.15% compared to a 30.43% market average. And most importantly for the number of existing clients who would recommend Hudson RPO to others; our China team scored 100% compared to a 79.18% market average.

HREC 2022 logo

Susan Fan, Country Director, China for Hudson RPO says,

“We are incredibly proud and honoured to be recognised by HREC with this award for RPO excellence. We have an exceptional team here in China who are viewed by our clients as their trusted partners and advisors. We strive to develop tailored talent solutions that support our client’s strategic growth initiatives, and deliver high-quality talent through a superior experience for candidates and hiring managers.”

Our winning team

About Hudson RPO

Hudson Global, Inc. is a leading global talent solutions provider listed on the NASDAQ. Operating under the brand name Hudson RPO we have delivered innovative, customised recruitment outsourcing solutions in the APAC region for more than 35 years.  We provide solutions across all categories of talent – internal, permanent, fixed term contract and temporary.  Through our consultative “trusted advisor” approach, we develop tailored talent solutions, designed to meet our clients’ strategic growth initiatives and deliver quality and value.

About HREC

Human Resource Excellence China (HREC) is a high-end, professional, and influential membership organization for professionals in the field of human resources in China. There are more than 3,800 companies joining HREC as corporate members. Among China’s Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000, more than 90% of them are members of HREC.

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