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Scam Warning

Thank you for your interest in Hudson RPO. We encourage you to explore job opportunities at Hudson RPO or at one of the client companies we represent.

Please be aware of internet, email and telephone scams in which scammers may try to take advantage of job candidates by pretending to represent well-known companies, including Hudson RPO. Intended victims may be invited to participate in fake interviews, asked to complete fictitious employment applications and issued bogus offer letters in order to entice victims to pay money or to provide sensitive personal information.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Never provide payment to participate in the hiring process. This includes requests to invest in training or purchase special kits.  Apart from previously agreed-upon reimbursable travel expenses, Hudson RPO representatives will never require you to pay money at any point during the hiring process. 
  • Hudson RPO recruiters will always use an email from Hudson RPO or the companies we represent. Recruiting communications from free e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail should be considered with caution.  Be suspect. Also be wary of job offers that do not require an interview or job openings that are vague. 
  • If an unsolicited job opportunity appears too good to be true, it probably is. 
  • Never provide your birth date, social security number, national insurance number, bank account information, or other sensitive personal information to a recruiter.
  • Today, most recruiters and their companies can be found on sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor. If you are unsure about a person or a company, it is a good idea to check these types of sites to see if they have a valid individual or company profile on these types of popular sites. 
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Hudson RPO

Hudson RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) manages the people, process and technology associated with recruitment on a full service (outsourced), hybrid (co-sourced) or project basis. A global force in talent acquisition solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom RPO programs for mid- to large-cap, multi-national companies.