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Employers in Australia want to know they are accessing the best talent in the market, not just the best talent that happens to be looking for a job at the time they are hiring.

Australian organisations need a recruitment partner who understands the demand for and supply of talent across all states and territories, in capital cities, regional and remote locations. They need a partner who understands how to leverage their brand in a competitive marketplace and can source active, passive and diverse candidates for their vacancies. They need a partner who understands local employment law and regulations, ensuring your recruitment process is compliant while finding you the very best person for the job in the quickest time possible.

Flexible solutions to reduce the costs and improve quality of hire

Since 1999, Hudson RPO has been helping organisations transform their recruitment models by providing customised, cost-effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions. We create long-term partnerships that help clients improve hiring quality, brand awareness and service to hiring managers and candidates, while reducing cost of hiring, time to hire and organisational risks.

Sheryn Grant, Head of Workforce Planning for EnergyAustralia, says: “We’ve worked with the Hudson RPO team for five years. When we began, we were looking to reduce costs and make our hiring processes consistent for our people and for our candidates. We’ve met or bettered out targets.”

Australia Market Expertise

Hudson RPO and AstraZeneca named Innovative HR Team winner by HRD Magazine

The award recognises the most forward-thinking and progressive recruitment teams in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2015, AstraZeneca selected Hudson RPO as its recruitment outsourcing partner to optimise AstraZeneca’s talent acquisition function. By leveraging artificial intelligence, online reference checking tools, and video interviewing, the team hired more than 300 high-potential recruits in sales, marketing, medical, and operations in 2018 while achieving a 50 percent reduction in time-to-fill at a record low cost for the biopharmaceutical organisation.

AstraZeneca team

Talent acquisition solutions throughout Australia

From finding the best talent in your market to creating a strategy that will help dominate the competition, we can support you in your city and across the globe. 

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The mission of our business is to fuel yours

At Hudson RPO, our mission is to connect businesses with advanced, innovative talent strategies and processes. From the outset, we are your trusted partner working with you to develop creative, flexible, and cost-effective talent solutions that drive your business forward. This means you can remain focused on your core business, confident you’ll have outstanding people in place — where and when you need them.

Recruitment in real life

Enterprise RPO

After relying on 15 agencies for its Australian life sciences hiring, Bayer turned to Hudson RPO for enterprise RPO, employer branding, recruitment technology, pre-hire assessments, and graduate recruitment.

Enterprise RPO

Australia's leading life insurer, ClearView Wealth, needed to better compete for top talent. We built their employer brand, enhanced their recruitment process, and decreased their hiring costs.

Enterprise RPO

AstraZeneca needed to transition from an expensive, decentralised agency delivery model. They partnered with Hudson RPO for our scalability, strong cultural alignment, and track record in pharmaceutical recruitment..

Project RPO

TAFE NSW, a vocational training and education organisation, needed to modernise their recruitment process and hire a large volume of new employees. We delivered 2,200 hires within 8 months.

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