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Gustavo knows a thing or two about career progression. As the Centre of Excellence (CoE) Delivery Lead in Tampa, it is not only his own career he shapes. Being in the field of talent, naturally he also transforms the careers of others and his team every day. Gustavo shares what it’s like to work at Hudson RPO and his recommendations for anyone looking to join the team in the future!

So where did it all start? After graduating and completing a variety of internships in different fields, Gustavo was searching for a job that would allow him to travel and see the world. His search eventually led him into the world of recruitment. From healthcare to logistics and retail, Gustavo quickly built extensive experience cross-industry. Shortly after he relocated from Orlando to Tampa, his expertise was noted by Hudson RPO recruiters, and we were lucky enough to welcome him into our team.

“I still remember walking into the office. I thought to myself, wow, this could be an incredibly fun place to work. During the interview, I got so motivated by how everyone welcomed me, their ambition, and what they were trying to build. This was at a time when the CoE was still very small, I was one of the first people in the office. I felt like at Hudson RPO, I could learn more and faster than anywhere else. Not even a year later I became CoE Delivery Lead!”

The Centre of Excellence, or CoE for short, can be described as a hub of knowledge and expertise. We like to describe it as our engine room. And for those looking to grow and develop, there is a lot on offer. Whether you want to learn new skills like X-Ray searches, sourcing on social media channels, or if you would like to brush up on existing skills after years of recruiting, you will find it in the CoE. But that’s not all; most importantly there is a learning culture that allows you to learn from senior managers, account managers and seasoned recruiters. As a CoE Lead, it is Gustavo’s job to understand where and how people want to grow and build the road that will get them there.

Tampa Coe team
Gustavo & the CoE team

“We want you to grow, to succeed, and the CoE is the perfect opportunity. From there you can take these skills anywhere your development takes you, for example into a client delivery position. This is because of our consistent training program aimed at developing your skills, the transparency around your development plan and career growth and lastly a network of highly skilled recruiters.”

Structures like these are unique to Hudson RPO. Instead of working on isolated roles for different clients, you get to know one existing account, inside out. Each of them comes with their own set of learning opportunities and teams, which opens avenues for learning at every level. Gustavo believes this is a huge benefit for anyone looking to increase their experience: “You are not stuck in one industry or place. If you have a strong interest in tech or the medical industry for example, there are accounts you can develop into to build your capabilities in recruitment.”

“Hudson RPO invests a lot of time in making sure you get proper training and guidance. Having the time to do this means you get to intensively work on the delivery of quality and an outstanding candidate experience from beginning to end. They make sure you are ready for whatever the world of recruitment could throw at you, I really appreciate that about Hudson RPO.”

But aside from the unique opportunities available, like rapid progression opportunities and learning and development, the company culture is what Gustavo considers the best thing about life at Hudson RPO.

“The company culture is a major win for me, I work with a whole bunch of great people in the office, who I can share my thoughts and challenges with, always. People in leadership are happy to listen to your ideas and open to making changes. This place is built around you and has the space for you to grow into whatever career path you choose.”

Gustavo’s advice for anyone considering joining Hudson RPO?

“If you are looking for key skills that will help you build your career, this is the place for you. The opportunities are there, and if you put in the effort and progression can happen very quickly. There is really no other company that reviews your progression and development with you every six months. Mix that with a great bunch of people to work with, and unlimited access to experience and guidance. I highly recommend it.”

In his free time, Gustavo likes to enjoy time in nature and on the beach.

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