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Fueling growth with the right talent: India’s services export industry

Fueling growth with the right talent: India’s services export industry

Vinay Mehta

The Indian services export industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past two decades underpinning the nation’s economic engine.  From IT to rapidly expanding financial hubs, India is a prime location for global companies looking to establish a strategic presence.  However, with rapid expansion comes a critical challenge, attracting and retaining top talent.

In this article we explore some of the key highlights of India’s services economy as well as the expected challenges that will arise from a booming talent economy.

Exponential growth

  • Double the global average:  India’s services exports have surged from $53 billion in 2005 to $338 billion in 2023, nearly doubling the global average growth rate.
  • Fueling the economy: These exports are not just impressive, they account for nearly 10% of India’s GDP, with projections to reach 11% by 2030 – a potential $800 billion engine for growth.

Key sectors driving growth

  • IT Services: Undoubtedly the leader in India’s service sector, IT services comprised almost half (47%) of all services exports in 2023.
  • Professional Consulting: The fastest-growing sector, boasting a 17% annual growth rate over 18 years. This sector offers a variety of specialized services, from management consulting to strategy planning, and business advisory services.
  • Financial Services: The future of finance lies partly in India, as emerging markets capture a growing share from developed markets. This sector includes a broad spectrum of services including banking, insurance, asset management, and financial advisory.

Evolution of Global Capability Centers (GCCs)

Global Capability Centers (GCC’s) in India have transcended their initial role of cost-effective offshoring. Today, they are strategic partners, providing high-value support in critical areas like IT, finance, HR and analytics. 

  • Double the impact: The number of GCC’s has more than doubled, from 700 to 1,580 in just a few years.
  • Revenue boom: Revenues from GCCs quadrupled to $46 billion over 13 years, with employee numbers reaching 1.7 million in 2023.

Challenges ahead

While India’s growth story is impressive, there will be challenges to overcome when it comes to finding the right talent to drive this immense growth forward.

  • Pipeline of talent: Ensuring a steady pipeline of skilled technology talent to meet job market demands is crucial.
  • Resource management: Rapid growth in hubs like Bengaluru is impacting natural resources, with water scarcity becoming a critical issue.
  • Infrastructure and Urban Planning: The strain on infrastructure in major cities necessitates diversification into other urban centers to alleviate pressure and distribute growth more evenly across the country.

Unlocking India’s potential: Partnering for success

At Hudson RPO, we can support this growth with our specialized recruitment solutions and expertise. Your business is unique, so your talent strategy should be too. That’s why all of our client solutions are developed with your unique challenges and goals in mind. Our team of Talent Experts bring:

  • Deep market understanding: We leverage our extensive knowledge of the Indian market to connect you with the top talent you need.
  • Local expertise with global reach: We understand the dynamic nature of the Indian market and can help you navigate recruitment challenges with confidence while drawing on our global network to deliver exceptional outcomes for your business.
  • Scale and agility: We know how challenging it is for businesses to scale talent quickly to match organizational growth ambitions. Our teams can be rapidly deployed to support your business or teams to deliver exceptional talent swiftly.

At Hudson RPO, we understand the complexities of navigating the Indian recruitment landscape.  With our deep market understanding, global reach and ability to scale teams quickly, we are your strategic partner, building the teams of tomorrow, today.

Get in touch with our talent expert Vinay Mehta at [email protected] or connect via LinkedIn.

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Vinay Mehta

Sales Director

Vinay joined Hudson RPO in 2024 as our Sales Director in India. With over twelve years’ experience working across business development, client services, vendor management and team leadership he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into supporting organisations with their recruitment needs. 

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