Global RPO solution improves candidate experience and hiring across 4 regions


A leading global asset management firm lacked a consistent recruitment model across regional headquarters. The uneven talent acquisition function negatively impacted the company’s candidate experience, worldwide employer brand, diversity hiring, and overall recruitment returns.

Challenges of the project included:

  • Significantly different recruitment delivery models by region and business function
  • Client applicant tracking system (ATS) model taken offline for an upgrade during implementation of the new recruitment model

Journey to success

Within one year, Hudson RPO built a collaborative framework for recruitment across four of the firm’s regional headquarters in North and South America. The cooperative structure involved stakeholders at every level, from recruiters to the leadership team.

Our team also had to leverage a lo-fi solution to maintain strong recruitment outcomes and candidate satisfaction through two months when the client’s applicant tracking system was taken offline for upgrades.

Project expansion

The client’s engagement with Hudson RPO continues today, following implementation of the global RPO solution and two contract renewals.

Behind the scenes

  • Global RPO solution implemented simultaneously across regions to streamline the transition, establish a collaborative recruitment culture, and speed hiring improvements.
  • Developed ongoing ‘returnship’ program to engage talent returning to the workforce after a career break of two or more years, and oversee psychometric assessment administration.
  • Improved gender diversity outcomes by 10 points over the course of two years.
  • In a proven strategic partnership, Hudson RPO delivers expert early-stage consulting on talent acquisition initiatives prompted by the firm’s business and geographic expansion.

About the client

Founded in 1969, our client is a global financial services provider with headquarters in Australia and offices in 27 countries around the world.

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Sustained positive candidate experiences, hiring manager satisfaction, and streamlined talent acquisition despite our client’s ATS going offline for two months.


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