Bauer’s scaled up intelligently with COIT Recruitment Process Outsourcing


When Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, an industry leader in corporate commuter programs, charters needed to hire a handful of top strategic executives, it turned to COIT’s Targeted Placements solution. But when Bauer’s decided to trust Coit with filling 90% of its sales, managerial, and administrative staff, it had real concerns about the costs of recruiting on such a scale. Bauer’s could capture up to $300k per month of additional sales revenue per hire, but the economics and pricing models of hiring needed to make dollars and sense.

Journey to success

Bauer’s scaled up intelligently with COIT, our Technology RPO company. With COIT RPO, Bauer’s didn’t need to invest in additional full-time recruiters, or pay massive commissions of 20-30% or more per hire. Instead, for a flat fee, Bauer’s unlocked unlimited access to the full power of COIT’s recruitment resources, expertise, and solutions. The turn-key simplicity of COIT RPO gave Bauer’s a full suite of recruitment services, including creating and executing the whole interview process, benchmarking market-appropriate compensation standards, and even managing the process of offer negotiation and tendering. Bauer’s enjoyed the control of the on-demand accountability, transparent, and cooperative management they got with COIT.

About the client

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation accommodates individuals, corporations, educational facilities, government agencies, and even airports. It boast one of the largest fleets in America, over 200 luxury vehicles, from state-of-the-art eco-luxury business shuttles to black car & VIP services. Bauer’s employs over 400 employees, including 200+ well-trained chauffeurs, who transport thousands of people each day to and from work and to special venues.

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