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Contingent Workforce (MSP)

In rapidly changing industries and marketplaces, flexible talent keeps companies lean and competitive. Our contingent workforce (MSP) solution helps companies make the smartest, most effective use of their contingent workforce spend.

To optimize your organization’s talent supply, our specialists vet and manage flexible workforce vendors, giving you access to task-ready contractors who can provide services either independently or through a statement of work. The Contingent Workforce (MSP) solution controls vendor costs and mitigates talent risks, while ensuring labor law compliance and local and global levels.

A Robust Talent Pipeline

Our contingent workforce (MSP) solution grants you access to a robust talent pipeline. The support of a dedicated or virtual team allows you to focus on workforce optimization and can help you with urgent requirements for gig workers and freelancers, putting you in contact with extra support when it’s needed most. The solution is scalable to meet your business, industry and market variables.

Faster Hiring

Gain rapid access to task-ready contractors who can provide services either independently or through a statement of work.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigates contingent talent risks and ensures labor law compliance at local and global levels.

Reduce Costs

Improved performance related metrics including reduced time to source and time to hire as well as improved quality of hire and new hire retention.


Fill urgent workforce requirements, where and when it's needed most.

Data & Insights

Workforce engagement and tracking data capture, analysis and reporting to make process improvements.

Success Stories

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Hudson RPO installed on-site teams in multiple countries across the EMEA region to manage critical volumes of vacancies for an international electronics manufacturer. The teams achieved 100% hiring manager satisfaction, after which our solution expanded to cover additional regions.

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annual hires

Within one year, Hudson RPO built a collaborative framework for recruitment across four of the firm’s regional headquarters the Americas region resulting in 400+ annual hires

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cost reduction

With no centralised recruitment function, costs were high and time to fill was slow for this global pharmaceutical company.  As their Total Talent Solutions provider, Hudson RPO was able to reduce cost per hire by 50% and time to fill by 60% while improving candidate and hiring manager satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

A managed service provider (MSP) helps organizations manage their regional or global contingent workforce. An MSP partner provides:

  • Flexible talent vendor selection and budget oversight,
  • Customized contingent workforce strategies based on industry insights
  • Flexible talent tracking and process improvements across your organization, including the evaluation of flexible talent engagement
  • Implementation of contractor management technology
  • Streamlined onboarding and off-boarding
  • Invoice consolidation, payroll management and compliance expertise
  • Labor law compliance for single-location companies and multinationals.

A managed service provider is the right choice for recruitment when you lack a cohesive contingent workforce strategy. Common flexible talent issues that benefit from an MSP:

  • Lack of talent vendor oversight
  • Rising flexible workforce costs regionally or globally
  • Labor law and regulatory compliance
  • Changeable contingent talent needs

The difference between a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution and a managed service provider (MSP) solution is that MSP falls under the umbrella of RPO. You may partner with an RPO for an exclusive contingent workforce solution, or an MSP engagement may be one of several solutions your RPO partner provides.

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