Omada Health’s recruiting team needed help to expand


Omada Health is on a mission to inspire and enable people everywhere to live free of chronic disease. As demand for their revolutionary solution took off, Omada needed to double down on hiring significant additional sales and engineering talent. Recognizing that Omada’s Recruiting team needed to expand and contract with the natural cycles of the business, rather than adding to that team Omada wanted to bring in expert help to complement its core in-house team with equally qualified professionals, hiring velocity required by our business needs, and at reasonable cost. With that in mind, Omada turned to COIT, our Technology RPO company.

Journey to success

“COIT has a real bullpen mentality. They’re wildly engaged and strived hard to meet our objectives.”

COIT moved in and immediately embedded itself in Omada’s offices, working side-by-side with their internal team and business leaders to learn Omada’s unique culture, and develop an ideal candidate profile specific to their needs and workplace environment. “COIT was in our office with us, in it for the long term. It feels like we have a real partnership,” says Jo Dennis, Vice President of People & Culture at Omada. COIT then took that insight and ran with it, applying the full depth and breadth of its experience with the turn-key simplicity of a full-service RPO solution. COIT handled the recruiting process from source to sign, which included creating and executing the entire interview process, benchmarking market-appropriate compensation standards, and managing the process of offer negotiation and tendering. “COIT has a real bullpen mentality. They’re wildly engaged and strived hard to meet our objectives,” Dennis says.

About the client

Omada Health combines the latest clinical protocols with breakthrough behavior science to make it possible for people with chronic conditions to achieve long term improvements in their health. Working with over 1,500 customers – including Fortune 500 and small- and medium-sized employers, health plans, and health systems – the company delivers personalized interventions for diabetes and diabetes prevention, hypertension, musculoskeletal issues and behavioral health.

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