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Our client, a leader in workplace health solutions, had no employer branding in the market and lacked a clear employee value proposition (EVP), impacting their ability to attract and engage talent. As a result, Hudson RPO was engaged to develop a strong EVP and associated creative collateral and content that would bring their employer brand to life.

Journey to success

Working within a three-month project timeframe, the Hudson RPO Employer Branding team commenced work with our client to develop a clear EVP message and employer brand strategy to update the clients’ look, feel and message to the market.

Working directly with our client’s leadership, HR, and recruitment teams and running employee interviews and focus groups, the team was able to draw out and validate 5 key value propositions that were developed into a range of creative collateral to support and align with the new messaging.


The new EVP message, employer brand strategy and strapline were incorporated into a digital recruitment manual, and all recruitment related information was updated to reflect the new messaging. Other deliverables included:

  • A downloadable digital candidate brochure highlighting the EVP and giving insight into the culture and benefits.
  • A new range of creative collateral, including videography, photography, job ad templates, and a digital employer branding booklet.
  • Refreshed external job ad templates, including a library of short EVP videos that could be embedded to help attract talent.
  • Updates to the careers site and LinkedIn company page to reflect the new employer branding.
  • Additional visual elements for online promotion of the employer brand.

The HR Director launched the new employer brand at the company’s annual conference.

About the client

Our client is an industry leader in workplace health solutions.

At a Glance

Services Provided

Employer branding

3 months

Worked within three-month project timeframe


The HR Director launched the new employer brand at the company's annual conference.

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