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After a tumultuous two-year period that included significant growth, transformation and a pandemic, our client, a global Consumer Healthcare company, recognised that urgent action was required to improve the onboarding experience for new starters. The current process was unwieldy, highly manual, inconsistent and negatively impacting new employee retention and engagement. With the ambition to create a modern, consistent, automated, engaging and efficient process for the candidate and hiring managers, the company looked to the Hudson RPO employer brand team to bring it to life.

Journey to success

Taking a collaborative approach, the Hudson RPO employer branding team redesigned the onboarding process, identifying the stages for automation and elevating the moments that matter for managers and candidates. In addition, a creative framework to support the employer brand was designed, including online branded content. In summary, the team:

  • Introduced new technology enabling the automation of the process, ensuring consistency and improvements in productivity and efficiencies.
  • Created branded, visually appealing, and content-rich resources that supported a positive and engaging candidate and hiring manager experience.
  • Delivered a refreshingly modern way of sharing content and EVP messaging for new starters, helping to increase engagement and connection and ensuring a ‘fast start’.
  • Provided increased flexibility to enable a consistent remote onboarding experience if required.
  • Significantly improved reporting and analytics enabling the capture of real-time data and feedback on the new starter experience, creating opportunities for continuous improvement.

“It definitely made it easier for my first day because I had a good understanding of what to expect and where to go. And, I really appreciated the messages that I received a few days before, on day 1 as well as a couple days after – it made me feel 'special'.” – New starter feedback

At a Glance

Services Provided

Employer Branding (EVP)

Increased engagement

Improved engagement with new starters during the onboarding and probationary period

Fast start

Employees set up for success in their new role from day one.


Candidate satisfaction


Reduction in time spent on on-boarding administration

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time feedback and data on the new starter experience

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