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Employer Branding (EVP)

The branded workplace – Take ownership of your brand

How candidates perceive your brand is more important than ever. While you are searching for potential talent, they are also scouting for you. Your employer brand plays a crucial role in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent.
You may know your organization is a great place to work, with its vibrant culture, opportunities for growth, and exceptional benefits. But are candidates getting that message? Today, an appealing, accessible, and authentic employee value proposition (EVP) is a must to draw and retain top talent in any industry.
Hudson RPO’s employer branding experts can boost your employer brand by optimizing candidate and employee communications across all key touchpoints: from enhancing your careers site to developing your social media strategy and promoting your employer brand at job fairs and beyond.

Cost Savings

A strong employer brand can make you more attractive to potential candidates, helping you reduce hiring costs through improved time to fill.

Quality Candidates

Boosting your employer branding efforts can have an immediate positive impact on attracting quality candidates.

Faster Hiring

By investing in employer branding, you’re able to attract more talent. And companies that can attract more talent can also hire that talent faster.

Brand Awareness

With creativity, skill and strategy, a brand can establish an identity that sets itself apart from the competition and spark a connection with its target audience.

Increased Retention

A strong employer brand can enhance employee loyalty, retention and engagement and set you up for long-term success.

Employer branding in real life


A large-scale energy provider required more than 300 new contact center employees to be hired within 90 days in a specific location. A stand-alone microsite was developed for all campaign traffic to be directed to with key messaging, images and videos. All 300-plus employees were hired directly within the specified time frame.


A global hotel brand needed video content to support key business roles. This included managing the video production of several campaigns to be run both in ANZ and Asia. Landing pages were created, key messages developed, and social media campaigns ran across multiple channels.

Health Solutions

We worked with a private health solutions organisation to develop key EVP messages, update the career site, social media content and work with the leadership team to launch the project. Together we created unique video content showcasing the work they do, whom they hire, and candidate opportunities.


A global consumer brand wanted to update its employer brand strategy, EVP, and content strategy. We helped the client with social media messaging, video, photography, and careers site. We also worked with them to develop their brand ambassador program.


A global pharmaceutical company based in Australia wanted to update their EVP messages, career site, and social media content. We worked with marketing, HR and communications teams to develop the career site. This included copy, video, and photography. We also ran employee focus groups to develop fresh messaging.


A luxury European automaker engaged us to launch a nationwide careers-specific website and social recruiting programs. The program drives an additional 1,000 applicants on average per month.

90 days: Creating a new employer brand

Our client, a leader in workplace health solutions, had no employer branding in the market and lacked a clear employee value proposition (EVP), impacting their ability to attract and engage talent. As a result, Hudson RPO was engaged to develop a strong EVP and associated creative collateral and content that would bring their employer brand to life.   

Frequently asked questions

Employer branding is a recruitment strategy that clarifies and shares the values, workplace culture, and business goals of a company.
The essential elements of a high-value employer brand:
  • Authenticity. Build your employer brand on input from your existing employees.
  • Industry and regional focus. What matters most to talent varies across sectors and regions.
  • Alignment with your company brand. A clear connection between your employer brand and customer brand supports authenticity.
  • Accessibility. Your employer brand should be easy to find through your career website, marketing, and social platforms.
  • Actionable analysis. Track the results of your employer brand so you can adjust and improve.
Authentic employer branding helps companies stand out from competitors in a talent-driven market. Top candidates do their research before responding to job postings, and employees monitor their company’s position as an employer.

Having a positive and discoverable employer brand in place gives candidates an understanding of your organisation, which improves employee retention and engagement.
A strong employer brand will improve business outcomes by driving employee engagement. It also promises to:
  • Improve quality of hire
  • Build a valued company culture
  • Improve candidate attraction and engagement
  • Reduce hiring costs through improved time-to-fill
  • Enhance employee loyalty, retention, and engagement

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