Apttus outsources entire recruiting process to meet growing demands


Apttus had the problem every fast-growing company wants: it couldn’t hire people quickly enough to meet its business demands. It had just received $41million from Salesforce to use toward sales team expansion, but its internal HR team didn’t have the time, resources and connections it needed to put the right talent in place, fast. COIT, our Technology RPO company, already had a proven track record for identifying 150 key hires for Apttus and was the clear choice for managing the company’s rapid growth. The first benchmark: hire 100 new sales experts by the end of 2015.

Journey to success

COIT outsourced the entire recruiting process, from sourcing to offer extension and provided Apttus leadership with a clear roadmap of how to meet its aggressive goals. As trusted outsiders and experienced change agents, COIT embedded a sales-driven recruiting team to help navigate and overcome potential internal roadblocks so they could quickly and efficiently get the right people on board. In just eight months, working side by side with Apttus hiring managers, COIT is ahead of schedule in hiring 100 high-performing technology sales executives. In light of the current success recruiting for sales, COIT was given the nod to hire an additional 80 people for the Apttus Professional Service team.

About the client

Apttus is an American business-to-business software provider specializing in business process automation.

At a Glance


Benchmark for new sales experts by the end of 2015

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