Sourcing project successfully grows into full-scale RPO


This company plays a critical role in developing oil, natural gas, and power generation projects around the world. Following the successful delivery of two hiring projects, we were selected as their full-scale, first generation RPO provider.

Journey to success

Our client initially appointed us to support a hiring project linked to a Czech-government incentive, which required all new employees to be Czech nationals.

They needed us to build a workforce within the production facilities, hiring mainly blue-collar roles. We had to overcome a range of challenges, including limited talent pools in niche markets, nearby competitors, low unemployment rates, and poor brand awareness.

To succeed, we focused on building high-calibre talent pools. We developed marketing campaigns and promotion materials. We also participated in roadshows and career fairs.

As a result, we reduced the client’s time to hire (TTH), while demonstrate our ability to source stronger talent. We also improved candidate engagement and brand awareness to develop a high-touch candidate model.

Project expansion

We delivered the project on time and on budget. Not only has the solution been renewed, but it has also been upgraded from an initial project to a full-scale RPO service offering in early 2019.

We continue to manage all external recruitment engagements end-to-end in the Czech Republic. This includes two sites and the head office. We expect to fill upwards of 40 roles across the sites over the course of the year.

Behind the scenes

To ensure seamless integration with the client, we deployed a Hudson RPO recruiter on-site to manage the project from the ground, with additional support from experienced sourcing professionals. As our partnership continues to grow, we now employ a dedicated, Czech-fluent recruiter to exclusively support our client off-site, based in our Centre of Excellence.

At a Glance

Services Provided

Enterprise RPO
Project RPO

Industry served

Industrial gas turbines

Roles filled

Warehouse operatives
Assembly technicians

Project expansion

From project to full-scale RPO solution

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