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Manufacturing & IndustrialRecruitment

The future of Manufacturing will have significant challenges due to the accelerated rise of new technologies, emerging markets, and customer expectations. As the Manufacturing market changes and develops further, the skills needed will change as well. It will be crucial to find a talent partner who can quickly mobilize in response to your organizational requirements. 
At Hudson RPO, our specialist recruiters are experts in finding talent to fill both traditional roles, as well as those roles requiring new emerging skills and knowledge. We can provide your organization with an agile solution that works well with your current TA function and is tailored to your Manufacturing needs. Our team will partner with you to source, attract and hire skilled Manufacturing employees who will help your organization grow. Above all, our recruiters are passionate about working for an industry that continues to innovate — an important attribute for the person who will have first contact with your new employees! 

Why Hudson RPO for Manufacturing and Industrial Recruitment Solutions

Talent expertise in your industry

Our expert manufacturing and industrial recruiters understand your industry’s competitive landscape.

Access to leadership

You’ll have direct access to our regional CEOs and executive team for advice navigating the changing talent landscape.

Custom solutions

We don’t expect you to fit into a box. We'll develop a solution that works for you and is ready to flex and grow to keep up with your business.


Hudson RPO is a partner first and foremost, and we’re willing to invest in the partnership to grow with your needs.

Exclusive Enterprise RPO Provider to BASF Australia

Since 2013, Hudson RPO has delivered 200 hires annually to BASF Australia. Our team has realized time-to-fill improvements from >90 days to 28 days and also increased percentage of direct hires from <50% to 97%.

The onsite team have championed diversity initiatives within BASF, increasing the number of females being interviewed for traditionally male-dominated roles. Each year, we partner with the BASF team to deliver the ANZ graduate program.

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Recruitment in real life

Diversity & Inclusion

Services provided to our clients include graduate recruitment programs and diversity and inclusion initiates. We have partnered with our clients to increase the number of females being interviewed for traditionally male-dominated roles.

Enterprise RPO

Working with the world’s leading provider of water treatment and process improvements, Hudson RPO delivered an end-to-end RPO solution across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam hiring engineers, chemists, technical role and water treatment specialists.

Talent Under Construction

An industry leader in construction machinery and equipment, Caterpillar rely on key manufacturing talent throughout EMEA. They sought a bespoke sliding scale transaction model to accommodate fluctuating recruitment volumes. Our sourcers stepped up, uncovering niche talent across the region. In one year, Caterpillar’s EMEA hiring was soon poised to double. As Caterpillar's needs fluctuate, more Edinburgh-based specialists have been added to the account as needed.

Project RPO

The partnership continues to expand, with Solar Turbines, a Caterpillar subsidiary, selecting us to recruit new engineers and blue-collar technical people in the Czech Republic. The project was related to a Czech-government incentive requiring all new employees to be Czech nationals. We delivered the project on time and on budget.

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