Sourcing fuels diversity


This client hires top economists, but given the organisation’s private nature, they had struggled with employer brand awareness among candidates. With that in mind, they wanted to modernise their recruiting process and update their panel-style hiring.

And, like many top organisations, they sought to continuously improve gender diversity and country representation.

Journey to success

The client selected us for our white glove, boutique-style approach, and for our global recruiting abilities. They sought a partner willing to take on fluctuating sourcing volumes. They needed a cooperative partnership.

Today, we provide payroll and sourcing services for 50 to 60 vacancies per year.

Because we source candidates from around the world, we’re able to help diversity the workforce. Our highly targeted methods identify the best candidates by skill set, gender, and geographic location.

Our team consists of an onsite, senior-level administrative support professional who provides on-demand service, as well as sourcing support from the Sourcing Centre of Excellence. Payroll is managed from Switzerland.

Project expansion

Beyond the first-generation contract, we’ve also entered into discussions to add an MSP solution for 100 contractors per year. We’re also helping shape the client’s 2025 recruitment strategy.

Behind the scenes

Due to confidentiality agreements, we don’t have access to the client’s ATS. Instead, we use a unique talent pooling approach via LinkedIn to develop a mass sourcing funnel. Once a candidate applies, the CV is passed to the hiring manager, who then takes over.

About the client

The client is a top finance organisation serving organisations worldwide.

At a Glance

Industry served


Roles filled

Deputy general
Departmental head
Corporate services
Research analysts
Cyber security

Territories covered


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