Delivering technology talent ahead of schedule for world leader in online travel


Our client, a world leader in online travel, was challenged to meet hiring demand for technical roles across the organization. Their reliance on outside recruiting agencies had become cost inefficient.

In January 2019, Hudson RPO was selected to hire IT talent, particularly front-end and back-end, mid-to-senior-level developers, during a one-year period. We were also engaged to support interview coordination and provide guidance on maximizing their Workday recruitment software investment.

Journey to success

Hudson RPO established a full-cycle recruitment process and appointed two full-time recruiters and one part-time coordinator on the project.

The team must screen candidates for innovative and creative traits, which includes a rigorous interview process where the initial interview is in-person with an impromptu whiteboard assessment.

Project expansion

Hudson RPO was originally tasked with filling 50 roles. As of September 2019, the team has filled nearly all 50 roles (including 11 in Toronto) and expects to exceed the original assignment.

Geographically, the project expanded from NYC and Connecticut to include building the company’s Toronto technology team from scratch.

Behind the scenes

In the past, the client relied heavily on foreign technology talent secured through H1B visas; however, the process for securing or renewing an H1B visa has become more difficult and less certain.

This has impacted a significant portion of the technology candidate pool, which has forced the Hudson RPO team to become more creative with talent sourcing and leveraging the client’s employer brand.

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