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Project RPO

Deliver high-value results against short-term challenges.

Imagine your organization has just won a government grant, and you now need to fill 50 key roles or risk losing the funding.

What’s your plan?

That was the very predicament one of our clients faced when they engaged us for RPO project support. We responded nimbly. Our ability to fill the roles in less than 30 days exceeded the client’s expectations and resulted in a longer terms partnership between our companies. Project RPO is tremendously flexible. If you need to recruit 40 sales people in three months, or have a handful of hard-to-fill technologist roles, project RPO can help. It can also be used to quickly secure a core group of plant operators for your new facility, to name but a few examples

Each solution is designed to work quickly and effectively, thanks to the collaborative input of our teams working across implementation, project governance, operations and technology.

Timely and cost-effective, the average recruitment outsourcing project may be implemented in as little as a few weeks and typically lasts between three to twelve months.

When is project recruitment the best choice?

RPO projects can help reduce urgent hiring backlogs. Plus, they can help you fill future vacancies by enhancing your talent database. Project recruitment is the sprinter of recruitment – lightning-fast and usually short-term.

Targets Problem Areas

Project RPO can focus on specific hiring requirements, delivering results quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Implement

Some projects can be up and running within a matter of weeks.

Best Practice

Hudson RPO brings world-class recruitment methodology to every project.

Data & Performance

Every project is underpinned with a full set of MI and performance metrics.

Client Confidence

We have over 20 years experience delivering recruitment projects to our clients across the globe.

Test drive RPO
by starting with a project

Talent acquisition professionals often need to balance immediate, critical hiring needs alongside the evaluation of longer-term recruitment requirements. An RPO project lets you do just that. It provides key benchmarks for your future recruitment strategy. Plus, an RPO project can also be used to explore whether a longer-term outsourced recruitment solution works for you.

Success Stories

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Hudson RPO installed on-site teams in multiple countries across the EMEA region to manage critical volumes of vacancies for an international electronics manufacturer. The teams achieved 100% hiring manager satisfaction, after which our solution expanded to cover additional regions.

annual hires
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Within one year, Hudson RPO built a collaborative framework for recruitment across four of the firm’s regional headquarters the Americas region resulting in 400+ annual hires

cost reduction
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With no centralised recruitment function, costs were high and time to fill was slow for this global pharmaceutical company.  As their Total Talent Solutions provider, Hudson RPO was able to reduce cost per hire by 50% and time to fill by 60% while improving candidate and hiring manager satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on what the client already has in place.  We can deliver projects via the client’s own technology platform or implement our own if required.

The short answer is, it won’t take as long as implementing an end to end rpo solution. However, it will very much depend on the scope of the project, scale of the project, location and available resources. 

Depending on the scope of the project, we can offer a number of different pricing models including fixed cost, transactional cost or a mixture of both.

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