100 hires for a company with no name


The largest New York-based healthcare network launched a new patient access service offering to help patients navigate complex health organizations. In fall 2016, the new organization engaged Hudson RPO to help build a Jacksonville-based workforce. At the time, the company did not have a name, career site, or physical office space to house employees, but they needed to hire employees as soon as possible to meet their clients’ demands.

Journey to success

The Hudson RPO team immediately recruited 30 new hires right away, but construction on the client’s new office building was delayed, and the employees could not start when expected. We kept the new hires warm until the office finally opened.

By running onsite open houses and other aggressive online and offline recruitment marketing programs, we hired 100 employees in the first year, and an additional 150 employees six months later.

Additional metrics include:

  • 62 percent interview-to-offer conversion at open house hiring events
  • 85 percent recommended for hire have received offer
  • 85 percent of offers accepted started

Behind the scenes

To get started, Hudson RPO developed an end-to-end RPO management process including sourcing, recruitment, pre-employment work, and onboarding. A team of three recruiters began sourcing for the local management team and call center representatives.

The talent acquisition team created a LinkedIn company page to serve as a temporary “career site,” used Hudson RPO’s ATS to capture candidates, and launched Facebook and Indeed sponsored campaigns to drive additional candidates. We also conducted an employer brand competitive analysis of local call center employers to provide recommendations on employee offerings. The client has also also engaged our Retained Search services for senior HR roles.

About the client

Founded in September 2016, our client helps hospitals and health systems bring a high-touch consumer experience to every one of their patients. They provide three levels of support—Total Patient Engagement, Component Technology, and Call Center Support—to transform the patient and provider experience and make healthcare better for both.

At a Glance


People hired immediately


Hires in 1.5 years


Military veterans hired from Wounded Warrior and Operation Uniform

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