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The hospitality industry is fast paced, complex and competitive – that’s what we love about it! Our specialist recruiters are experts in the industry and we know what it takes to find, attract and engage great talent.

Finding talent can be one of the biggest challenges as a leader in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s front or back of house, you will need a great team to make your business thrive and grow.
No matter if you’re using traditional sourcing channels or the latest hospitality apps for hiring (we’re always in the know!), we can help you find great talent both locally and globally for your hospitality business.

Why Hudson RPO for Hospitality Recruitment Solutions

Talent expertise in your industry

Our recruitment approach combines industry expertise with data-driven analytics to deliver customized talent acquisition solutions.

Access to leadership

Our executive teams work closely with client solutions and are always accessible to you.

Custom solutions

Your unique challenges and goals will be met with tailored solutions that are ready to flex and scale to keep up with your business.


We're your partner, first and foremost. As your needs grow, we'll invest in the partnership to grow with you.

Why Hudson RPO is the right partner for Hospitality Recruitment

  • SPEED & FLEXIBILITY: Struggling to find top talent? We can customize a flexible solution that is tailored to your needs. From one position to many, we can flex up or down to help. 

  • CUSTOMIZATION: If you require an ongoing solution, we won’t limit you into a standard recruitment model. We develop a solution that fits your culture, values, changing talent needs, and organizational structures.

  • QUALITY CANDIDATES: Boosting your employer branding efforts can have an immediate positive impact on attracting quality candidates. You will have an improved pro-active sourcing and talent pooling to find the right candidates, even for hard to fill positions

    Nothing matters more than the people who power your organization. Hudson RPO invests in partnerships and grows with the needs of our clients. 
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Recruitment in real life

Employer Brand

Working with a global hotel brand to develop video collateral to support key roles in their business. This included managing the video production of a number of campaigns to be run both in ANZ and Asia. Landing pages were created, key messages developed and social media campaigns run across multiple channels.

Project RPO

Supporting the Future Leaders program for a global Hotel brand to hire 15 new leaders in Australia and New Zealand over a 90 day period. Managing the recruitment marketing campaign across social media, referrals, job boards and internals as well as running video assessment during the recruitment process.

Enterprise RPO

Delivering end-to-end recruitment for a leading global hotel brand across Australia, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea and Singapore. Supporting a recruitment marketing campaign across ANZ and Japan for over 45 future leaders hires.

RPO Partner

Since 2014, Hudson RPO has been the recruitment partner to one of the world’s largest hotelier brands with our Australian recruitment teams hiring across all role types.

Is an RPO Solution right for you?

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