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Recruitment in the media industry is unlike any other. A media and advertising business changes dramatically with every signed contract. Winning a large account means needing additional talent across a range of technical and creative skillsets to deliver on promises to new clients.

With multi-figure accounts on the line, polished results are a must. Hudson RPO recruiters and recruitment partners understand the need for niche media talent, and are up to date on the evolution of the industry, allowing them to quickly mobilize in response to your organizational requirements.

Why Hudson RPO for Media Recruitment Solutions


Your unique challenges and goals will be met with tailored solutions that are ready to flex and scale to keep up with your business.

Talent Expertise

Our expert recruiters understand your industry’s competitive landscape.

Faster Hiring

Elevate your performance metrics, while significantly increasing quality of hire and new hire retention.

Cost Control

Significantly reduce your recruitment costs and reliance on third parties for hiring.

Specialty industry recruiters when you need them

Having the right talent in place quickly is how you meet your clients’ and audiences high expectations. You need a recruitment partner who not only understands niche media talent, such as what separates a top pay-per-click expert from the rest, but also keeps up with industry changes and can quickly mobilize to meet your business requirements.

Our specialized and experienced recruiters understand the media and advertising landscape and are ready to scale to your needs to help you achieve the required results.

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Recruitment in real life


One of Australia’s largest media companies, employing more than 8,000 staff nationwide relies on Hudson RPO to deliver control roles across the business from junior through to senior positions.

RPO Projects

A large multinational media firm needed immediate help rebuilding its talent teams after a large exodus of existing staff. Hudson RPO provided a team of onsite recruiters who filled over 350 replacement staff inside budget and time requirements, helping to retain their most significant clients.

Enterprise RPO

An asset management giant struggled to fill IT roles. For 90 days, our on-demand recruiter sat onsite, assessed their hiring process and reported on improvement recommendations.

RPO Projects

A $400M account win with a major LA movie studio required 63 hires in 70 days. Our flexible approach allowed us to kick start the project quickly and meet the client's deadline and expectations.

On-demand Recruiter

Armed with their clients’ new advertising budgets, each January a Chicago media agency leverages our contract recruiters to fill open roles to meet the new year’s talent demands.


Our Japanese advertising client won a major account and needed to hire quickly. We sourced and screened 1,170 candidates over two months for the client’s open roles.

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