How our people shaped the exceptional in 2023

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At Hudson RPO, we’re about shaping exceptional outcomes. Every day, our people connect organizations and individuals to create opportunities and bring people and businesses closer to their ambitions. But as a team of passionate individuals, our people also shape the exceptional outside of the workplace. At the end of 2023, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of our employees giving back to their communities.

cv workshop

CV Workshop

Bobby, our Lead Recruitment Advisor in the EMEA region, took the initiative to organize a CV Workshop at his local Gurdwara (Sikh Temple). The workshop encompassed CV writing and feedback, career coaching, and open drop-in sessions, all offered at no cost.

Heart Walk

Kevin, Lindsey, Joanna and Michael from the Tampa Centre of Excellence participated in the American Heart Foundation’s Heart Walk. The Heart Walk is designed to raise awareness and funds for heart disease and stroke while promoting physical activity and heart-healthy living!   

members attending the Heart Walk

Keeping the Pinellas Beautiful

Another group from the Tampa Centre of Excellence, Bryan, Gary, Rachel and Emma attended a beach cleanup to help preserve the Pinellas and protect Tampa-Bay marine wildlife. 

“A few of us from the Tampa team rolled up our sleeves for a beach cleanup with Keep Pinellas Beautiful! Living in Florida isn't just about soaking up the sun; it's also about preserving those breathtaking beaches we all adore. Big shoutout to these awesome folks for teaming up and making a difference!”

Our partnership with BeOnHand

To make it easier for our people to volunteer for causes they care about, we’ve teamed up with the BeOnHand app that helps them find local, micro volunteering opportunities (including remote opportunities!). Our teams in the EMEA region and APAC regions currently have access to the app. Combined in 2023, the teams volunteered for a total of 368 hours, and planted a total of 5696 trees!

Bree from the APAC leadership team volunteered at an event at her children’s school for ‘icy pole duty’.
Dan (and Winston!) took three pledges in the BeOnhand app to 'Choose to Refuse' on single use plastics.
Sarah signed up for the pledge to avoid buying new clothing for 2 months and purchase second hand items instead.

Christmas Jumper Day

On a festive note to close out the year, the EMEA team recently gathered for their annual Christmas Jumper Day. It’s become a tradition over the years, with some iconic sweaters making recurring appearances (like George’s famous Tesco sweater).

As the office tradition grows, we’ve even seen top-to-toe reindeer suits making their festive debut. It’s a testament to the spirit of our team. Check out the joyful festivities in this video from last year. 

activities at community center

Community events

Emma in our APAC region spent her Sunday morning volunteering at a monthly clothes swap to minimize clothing waste, the event also featured a produce swap and a repair café. Meanwhile, Kavya gave back to her community by volunteering in the Kinder program, accompanying kids on a sponsored excursion to Werribee Zoo in Melbourne.

As we take a moment to contemplate the remarkable achievements of our Hudson RPO teams over the past year, our thanks go out to all employees that have shared their stories with us. These extraordinary stories are what makes the Hudson RPO team and culture so exceptional. As we recharge for 2024, we look forward to shining a spotlight on even more of our inspiring employees and their remarkable journeys.

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