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Recruiting Project Best Practices

RPO Best Practices Yield Quantitative Assessment Techniques and Improved Hiring Standards

Our client is a Small Business Administration (SBA) lender with $60 billion in assets. The company provides financial products and advisory services to more than one million small and middle market customers in over 50 countries.

Project Challenge

To address recruitment issues such as inconsistent interviewing processes and evaluation methods across the US, the company decided to outsource recruitment of SBA regional account managers to an external vendor. Hudson RPO was selected for the engagement based on our extensive experience with helping other companies achieve similar recruitment goals.

Their specific goals included:

  • Filling 16 open positions immediately
  • Establishing consistency in the interview process and competency model throughout US regions
  • Increasing quality of new hires
  • Reducing time to fill

Hudson RPO Solution

To begin, Hudson RPO appointed a project manager to oversee the engagement and assigned a dedicated recruiter to the account. They took advantage of Hudson RPO’s unparalleled network of recruiters for assistance in sourcing quality candidates.

Hudson RPO’s recruiting team built a multi-tiered sourcing strategy that focused on direct sourcing of passive candidates from target companies in financial services and lending. This strategy helped create a robust database of potential candidates.

Hudson RPO utilized a best-practice recruitment process that was designed and implemented around competency profiling of the client’s top SBA sales professionals. This enabled Hudson’s recruiting team to efficiently screen and compare candidates against existing high performers. We also implemented an interview guide for both Hudson recruiters and the client’s hiring managers, which allowed candidates to be evaluated consistently across the regions.

Recruiting Project Results

By outsourcing recruitment of regional account managers to Hudson RPO, the client not only was able to fill 25 positions (the original goal was 16), but they also reduced time to fill by 40 percent during the one-year engagement. In addition, the client now has access to a database of more than 4,000 SBA and commercial lending candidates throughout the United States to use for future recruiting needs.

Finally, Hudson RPO implemented a sophisticated interviewing process and a quantitative scoring system which now allows hiring managers to evaluate candidates based on required skills and competencies, resulting in consistently higher-quality hires over time.

Project Summary

U.S. Commercial Bank

Client HQ Location:

Project Location:


  • Needed to fill 16 positions immediately
  • Inconsistent interviewing processes and evaluation methods
  • Too long to fill vacancies
  • Desire to increase candidate quality

Outsource Recruitment of SBA Regional Account Managers


  • Implemented consistent candidate interviewing and evaluation methods
  • Introduced competency profiling to screen for high performers
  • Reduced time-to-fill by 40%
  • Surpassed original recruitment goal by 64%
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