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Contingent Workforce Management Solutions & Strategies

Best Practices in Acquiring and Managing A Temporary Workforce

Contingent Workforce Management Solutions & Strategies
Are you leveraging hiring best
practices for contract employees?

Today, nearly 20% of a company’s workforce is considered contingent labour, a category covering temporaries, self employed contractors and consultants.

Companies often engage contingent labour to deliver special projects, cover staff absences and, most importantly, to maintain flexibility in their cost base in response to business demand. At the same time, more and more knowledge workers are opting for the type of portfolio career that contracting can bring them.

Given these trends, it is important for an organisation to review how they acquire and manage this workforce with the same rigour and importance they give their permanent workforce. Doing so will bring many benefits including:

  • Greater visibility, control and avoidance of costs
  • Improved compliance and, as a result, reduced risks
  • Better performance and retention of your contingent workers
  • Better management reporting

Delivering change in this area requires specialised knowledge and tools and that is where Hudson RPO can help. We can take the complexity out of the issue and provide you with options for improving how you acquire and manage this workforce and ultimately show a return on investment.


During this video, we'll discuss research into top contingent labour pressures and provide practical advice on the different outsourced models available in the market. We will also delve into the elements of a well-tuned solution, such as:

  • Effective change management & continuous improvement
  • Standardised recruit to pay process and VMS Technology options
  • Embedding recruiters and how they can increase direct sourcing efforts
  • Working effectively with suppliers to optimise supply and value for money
  • Aligning your permanent & contingent workforce strategies
  • Driving better performance management and reporting
  • Driving multiple cost reduction strategies
  • Ensuring the solution if flexible and easily scalable



Before implementing any outsourced solution, it's imperative that you understand your firm's key drivers and objectives. We'll recommend important questions to ask and action steps to take.

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