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Recruitment Solution for Entertainment Giant

Hudson RPO Streamlines HR Process Workflow

Our client, a multi-billion dollar gaming and entertainment superstar, operates dozens of properties throughout the US and around the globe.

Client Challenge

During the US economic recession, this gaming company found itself in a situation which could best be described as “everything’s on sale.” Guests were enticed to their destinations with deep discounts, paying less for their hotel room, spending less inside the resort, and the industry was generating significantly less revenue per customer. With fewer guests to serve and steadily declining sales, staff reductions had to be made. Over the course of fifteen months, the company’s recruitment function was all but eliminated.

The silver lining in the downturn was that leadership had an opportunity to envision a new sales model, and they were ready to implement when the time was right. At the first signs of recovery, the company called upon Hudson RPO to help rebuild the recruiting infrastructure that would enable their sales vision.

At this point, the client faced a critical challenge—they needed a best-in-class recruitment solution to make their next move. However, they were wary of a full outsourcing commitment because they were hiring during a new economic cycle which was predicted to be slow moving at best and unstable at worst. They knew they needed about 30 people in the near-term, with anywhere from 100–300 additional headcount over the next twelve to eighteen months, depending on market conditions. How could they meet their needs without assuming too much risk?

Recruitment Solution

The client engaged Hudson RPO to outsource recruitment for their sales function, while the client’s staff would handle their own minimal hiring needs in other areas.

Soon thereafter, the first signs of growth appeared. Immediately, the client was well-positioned to take full advantage of Hudson RPO’s ability to quickly ramp up our services. They added recruitment process outsourcing for additional professional staff roles of marketing, finance and IT.

RPO Results

  • Established predictable costs during an unpredictable growth period. Our client was able to make a quarterly budget commitment to gain volume pricing and attract the best sales staff one step ahead of the competition—without the risk of outpacing their actual growth opportunities.
  • Facilitated nearly 30 high-performance new hires in less than three months, and remain ready to scale up or down at the right pace for the business.
  • Implemented a streamlined recruitment process workflow between corporate HR / corporate sales leadership and local HR teams at properties across the country, from the start of the process through the onboarding of their newly hired local sales management teams.
  • Working within client’s recruitment system (ATS), capturing candidate data and building the client’s candidate database for future recruitment needs.

Our recruitment process outsourcing partnership allows this client to access our expertise where they need it most, with the flexibility they need to appropriately manage their HR and recruiting workload.

Project Summary

U.S. Gaming and Entertainment Company

Client HQ Location:

Project Location:


  • Client’s recruitment function was eliminated during recession
  • Client need to rebuild the recruiting infrastructure to enable their new sales vision

Sales Team Recruitment Project


  • Established predictable costs during an unpredictable growth period
  • Nearly 30 high-performance new hires in less than three months
  • Implemented a streamlined recruitment process workflow
  • Worked within client’s recruitment system (ATS)
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