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Professional Focus (Exempt & Salaried Roles)

A Selection of Quality Candidates

Hudson RPO's professional staffing services specialize in providing high quality, salaried roles for your core business functions. The majority of our work with clients is concentrated within staff roles, with middle management and senior management as equally important, yet lower frequency requirements.

Why does this focus matter to our clients? Over time, we have developed best practices for professional level talent. We bring you a keen understanding of the special issues and needs that arise when sourcing, attracting, hiring, engaging, and developing these professionals.

Why is hiring the highest quality professional level talent important?

  • Fierce Competition for Talent - Competition for talent is intense in nearly every market around the globe. According to recent HRO Today Institute research, more than half of organizations say there is a scarcity of talent at the executive level alone today, with no change anticipated in the foreseeable future. Similar changes abound at most levels in many organizations.
  • High Cost of Recruitment / Replacement - No doubt about it, recruiting is an expensive prospect for most organizations. According to Evolv's Q2 2013 Workforce Performance Report, the annual cost to U.S. businesses of hourly worker attrition alone is about $350 billion; that translates to an average cost of $3,500 per hire for hourly workers. Spread across all hires and all levels, those numbers add up quickly for an individual organization.
  • Downstream impacts (positive and negative) of today's hires - Of course, it's not only the cost of recruitment and attrition that are at issue; ultimately, an organization's very existence relies on the quality of its talent to produce product, provide service, innovate and grow the business.

That's why the Hudson RPO distinction is especially important for companies whose competitiveness depends upon the success of your people within departments such as: Sales, Research & Development, Marketing, Technology, Engineering, Finance, Legal and Human Resources.

If professional staff members are as important to you as they are to us, give us a call us today.

Success Story

Learn how Hudson RPO helped a global pharmaceutical company triple its output of life-saving drugs.

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