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RPO Americas Testimonials

$40b Pharmaceutical Company

Director of Talent Management

  • “Hudson RPO provides improved candidate selection, process efficiency and reduced cost.
  • Our HR Managers are able to focus their support on providing more strategic help to their clients.
  • Our HR coordinators have been re-organized into an Employee Service Center (ESC), and Hudson RPO has been able to manage all the administration associated with recruitment versus having the administration work completed by the ESC.
  • We have improved the efficiency of our recruitment process through PeopleClick.
  • The Hudson RPO recruiters are able to pre-screen using our High Performance Leadership Behaviors which result in a higher level of candidate. Hudson RPO recruiters are also closer to our business so that they can represent [our company] effectively to external candidates.
  • We have been able to significantly reduce the cost of recruitment. We have reduced our spend on external recruiters by 80% and our overall spend by more than 30%.
  • We are now able to track recruitment metrics which will enable us to improve the quality of our candidates and improve our talent management which we were not able to do previously due to lack of centralization and common process.”

$3.7b Water Treatment Company

Global Research and Development Leader
“Let me start by saying that I have been very impressed with the team's dedication, the long hours they put in on our behalf, and the seamless way they have integrated themselves into the [company] team. The results of the recruiting effort so far have been exemplary: we have already made or are in the process of making multiple R&D offers, and we have a long list of potential candidates, in the US as well as in China and India in process. There have been outstanding contributions all the way around, whether it be conducting a 'hiring the best' training session for my team and creating the extensive hiring manuals (to keep the extended hiring teams in three countries aligned), or working all those extra hours to keep the ball rolling. Hiring the best is the first, and probably most important step in building a world class team and I am glad to have a world class partner to help us through this.”

$35b Networking Technology Company

Global Leader of Talent Retention and Loyalty
“Partnering with Hudson RPO has been an absolute pleasure. Hudson RPO has been able to provide [our company] with a flexible multi-lingual workforce with global reach to work on our [company] Partner Talent Acquisition Program. Our Partners are key to the productivity of our business and therefore improving our connectivity with them is critical.

Having the flexible workforce at my finger tips has enabled our solution to be flexed up and down according to project requirements. The centralized operational support team has managed the global projects with speed and precision making my life so much easier.”

$40b Pharmaceutical Company

Vice President, Sales
“Recruitment is more proactive, planned, strategic and lucrative in terms of candidate pool and selection. Sales management time spent on recruitment has been minimized due to streamlined processes.”

Success Story

Hudson RPO Delivers 350 Top MBA Candidates in Singapore for Leading Pharmaceutical Research Company.

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