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RPO Employee Testimonials

Learn how working for Hudson RPO has enhanced these recruiters’ careers

Considering a recruitment career? Being an RPO recruiter at Hudson RPO has unique advantages.

Our business is people and we are passionate about creating a clear and rewarding career path for our recruiters.  But don’t take our word for it. Read below about our people’s recruitment career opportunity and experiences while working with Hudson RPO.

Kent Bawden

Location: Brisbane, Australia

After a career in purchasing and IT sales, Kent now embraces his role as ANZ recruitment manager for a large RPO client.

"I always wanted to be in a position where it wasn’t difficult to get out of bed in the morning and come to work and thankfully I’ve found that."

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Kasey Butler

Location: Toronto, Canada

Kasey ran her own recruitment agency, specializing in scientific professionals for pharma companies before moving to Hudson RPO.

"I jumped at the opportunity to work for a company that would appreciate my recruiting and strong account management/sales skills. My entrepreneurial spirit is a great fit here at Hudson RPO."

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Cameron Davidson

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Since joining Hudson RPO, Cameron has climbed the career ladder from RPO recruiter to Sourcing Manager, Asia Pacific for both Hudson and Hudson RPO.

"For me the best thing about working for Hudson RPO is the fact that it's an environment of affirmation and empowerment. Have an idea, be passionate, be supported, learn, grow and deliver."

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Lauren Hyde

Location: Melbourne, Australia

After four years as a travel sales consultant, Lauren's "itchy feet" lead her to a new career in recruitment.

"Since joining Hudson RPO less than two years ago, I have been given amazing opportunities for growth and development, and the support to try new things. I feel really excited for what the future holds."

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Tom LaBranche

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

After 10 years as a recruiter, Tom wanted to work for an organization that would recognize his talent and cultivate his leadership skills.

"Hudson RPO has a knack for recognizing talent and developing its employees into leaders. Hard work and dedication is noticed and acknowledged. That's why I joined Hudson RPO."

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Becky Malone

Location: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA

Becky hires the experts who develop pharmaceuticals to help those with severe, incurable diseases.

"I am so proud of where I work. I am so proud of what I do…I feel like I am making a difference…perhaps not actually saving a life, but having a small hand in it."

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Renae McCalla-Kay

Location: Swindon, UK

After working as both an agency and in-house recruiter, Renae made the jump to RPO recruitment.

“RPO recruiting is completely different than agency and in-house – it means consistently balancing things and really getting the best of both worlds.”

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Samantha Milne

Location: Greater London, England

After leaving Hudson RPO to travel to Malaysia, and later accepting an internal recruitment position at another firm, Samantha was embraced by her former Hudson RPO managers when she wished to rejoin the firm.

"I'm a single mom, and if our team needs to have a late call or meeting, they always check with me first. And, as long as I get my work done, if I need to leave early one day to take care of my young boy, there are no questions asked."

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Renee Read

Location: Sydney, Australia

Mentorship, training programs and the Hudson RPO support system have allowed Renee to meet her career and work-life balance goals.

"Hudson RPO has embraced my need for flexible work arrangements to raise a young family and 100% support my decision to work part time."

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Amy Schultz

Location: Shanghai, China

After four exciting recruitment roles in different parts of Australia, Amy relocates to Shanghai to lead an Asia Pacific-wide services acquisition team.

“The professional and personal growth I have received through mentoring and my direct manager has been amazing.”

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Tripp Smallwood

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Tripp is a program manager who leads a large global team of recruiters for a multinational pharmaceutical giant.

“I began my career as an agency recruiter figuring it was a nice way to get a few years of work experience. More than 12 years and 3,000 placements later, it has turned into an incredibly rewarding profession.”

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Jenn Taylor

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

When Jenn's husband was transferred to a small town for a big career opportunity, Jenn thought that meant the end of her career with Hudson RPO. But did it?

“Hudson RPO supported me working virtually so that I could make a move for my husband's career. Now we both have our dream jobs.”

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Aimee Weston

Location: London, England

Aimee moves from Hudson RPO Australia to Hudson RPO London to advance her career and enjoy all that Europe has to offer.

“Hudson RPO differs from other recruitment companies as we are not a huge machine where you get lost amongst it all.”

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