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6 Key Strategies for Improving Quality of Hire

Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute recently conducted a global benchmarking study on how companies measure quality of hire. Based on the research findings and discussions with organizations worldwide, Hudson RPO has identified six key steps to delivering a successful quality of hire program.

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The Journey to Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Being a Trusted Advisor is a term that gets used often, and there has been much written on the topic… So I can hear you saying, “Well, why write another article on it?” I was recently part of a conversation where a senior stakeholder described


Attracting & Retaining Top Talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The notorious war for talent in the pharmaceutical industry is now at its peak. With the lack of highly skilled talent, market rates are soaring in niche areas. It’s evident now more than ever, businesses need to invest heavily in developing and retaining their talent.

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How to Successfully Work With Agencies When Recruiting Onsite for RPO

RPO is a specialty within recruiting where an external provider (i.e. Hudson RPO) acts as a company’s internal recruitment function supporting part or all of the client’s recruitment needs. One of the many benefits of this model is to save money by filling open vacancies


Dedicated Recruiting in a Competitive Job Market

As an HR Professional, it’s difficult to find the time to focus on finding talent that contributes to your growing and evolving organization. In addition to managing employee relations, compensation, benefits, etc., recruiting is often seen as a function all on its own. From servicing

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Recruiting in the Middle East – A Relationship Driven Culture

What makes The Middle East a unique region for business and recruitment? Looking at UAE (followed by other GCC countries) where fast moving economic development brings the number of working expats from Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, MENA to dominate over local population. Then KSA

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How Do You Track Quality of Hire?

Hiring quality people is critical for a competitive advantage. U.S. employers alone spend more than $124 billion each year on recruiting according to Bersin. But our preliminary research shows at least 40% of companies don’t track quality of hire, leaving us to wonder how DO

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Using Assessment Centers for Talent Pipelining

We’ve been building talent pipelines for clients since we started our RPO business 14 years ago and a lot of what now passes for pipelining is little more than name generation. This article is about the other end of the spectrum – creating a “ready”

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How to Use RPO to Drive International Internal Recruitment

The “War for Talent” (McKinsey & Company, April 2001) states that, “Reduced supply of future executives in Europe and US will make the international war for talent more intense.” Internal employees are one of the best talent resources available to help minimise the impact of

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Technology in Recruitment: The Past, Present and Future

The Past In our industry we are spoiled with a plethora of gadgets and applications to aid in the recruitment life cycle. It’s hard to believe not many years ago most agencies just worked with a pad of paper, a wired telephone and a filing