How RPO partnerships help leaders deliver an agile recruitment function

Peter Simandl

A “Support Function” RPO allows in-house recruiters to be
more strategic and business focused

Your organization relies on you to deliver top talent in a way that enables business success. To best achieve this, consider a “Support Function” Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partnership. This solution allows the perfect approach to your Talent Acquisition (TA) function through a hybrid of in-house TA and an outsourced team, which enables you to scale resources as the business needs and create the agility required to be successful in today’s uncertain market.  

A Support Function RPO can take over necessary, but time-consuming tasks, such as sourcing candidates, handling complex interview scheduling, and overseeing administrative tasks associated with recruiting and pre-boarding talent.  

Consider the ways a Support Function RPO could help drive improved outcomes in your TA function and the overall business:  

  • Sourcing qualified candidates (both active and passive job seekers): You’ll be presented with talent who best fit the role – no more sifting through non-relevant resumes.
  • Positive candidate and hiring manager experience: RPO partners can provide a consistent and positive experience for both candidates and hiring managers, which will help improve your employer-of-choice status and convince top talent to join your company.
  • Elevate your in-house recruiters: With functional tasks handled for them, your recruiters will be enabled to engage hiring managers and the business in a new and more strategic way, driving better outcomes. Spend your time on sharing strategic market intelligence and building deeper relationships that result in improved talent selection and onboarding of new talent.  
  • Geographic breadth: No matter where your organization needs qualified candidates, a Support Function RPO can provide you with on-the-ground intelligence and connections to quickly ramp up teams and get to business faster and more efficiently.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I): Studies show that a diverse workforce is more productive and efficient. Your RPO partner can deliver a diverse slate of candidates for every engagement.  
We’d love to give you a no-cost, no-commitment consultation to find the best approach for your organizational and talent needs. Contact Peter Simandl to start the conversation today.

Peter Simandl

Vice President, Talent Acquisition Solutions

Peter joined Hudson RPO in 2023 as a key member of our North American team. For more than 20 years, Peter has worked with CHRO’s and Heads of Talent Acquisition building recruitment solutions that deliver agility, scalability, and business results from exploratory stage to fully functional. If you are interested in exploring what’s possible, please contact me!

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