Recruitment Hubs for Asia Recruitment


One benefit of an RPO solution that is particularly useful for Asia recruitment needs is the ability to create recruitment hubs. Heads of Recruiting (often in Singapore) who are responsible for hiring in other Asian countries (China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam) find it easier to leverage one provider out of a hub location rather than multiple, unrelated vendors across multiple countries.

An RPO provider is uniquely positioned to build an Asia recruitment hub to handle hiring in China, Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets. Rather than hiring multiple recruiters in different Asian countries to perform sourcing and interviewing on site, an RPO solution can build one recruitment hub in a larger corporate office location to serve the whole region. These hubs streamline costs, encourage best practice sharing, build a stronger employer brand and serve to build larger talent pipelines for ongoing hiring needs.

When creating a hub, it’s important that the RPO company you choose understands the cultures of all local markets involved. When hiring employees across Asia, the recruiter must have a keen cultural understanding of each market to devise an advanced sourcing strategy to be effective in those local markets. This includes using the best regional jobs boards and tapping into often unknown but good “second tier” university feeder programs.

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