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The Americas have recently undergone a major job market shift. As the unemployment rate decreases throughout the region, competition for highly skilled workers grows. According to the 2013 Global Recruiting Trends survey released by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, there are several challenges in today's recruitment landscape: sourcing skilled talent, improving quality of hire, pipelining talent, cultivating new sourcing techniques and improving employer branding.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have opened up a huge opportunity for sourcing candidates. These sites are increasing the quality of hires and the quantity of candidates available in talent pools. Social media has become an integral part of any recruiting solution. Recruitment agencies are also integrating mobile devices into their recruitment strategy – and learning how to use them to their advantage.

Employer branding has also become a necessity in both attracting and retaining employees. Companies who succeed in creating positive branding for their organization can use it as a competitive advantage over other companies, whether they are sourcing external candidates or turning to internal hiring initiatives.

The best recruitment agencies are also turning to top-of-the-line technology to help make better hiring decisions and provide detailed reporting. Corporate firms are also looking for flexible hiring solutions, from hybrid services to end-to-end recruitment. In today's world, recruitment process outsourcing has to deliver a dynamic model that can be custom-tailored to meet a company's individual hiring needs.

Hudson RPO delivers solutions across the US, Canada and Latin America. We're part of a global team of RPO experts located in 21 markets serving 43 countries deploying best practices in recruiting.

  • We specialize in placing temporary and permanent professional-level candidates of all levels.
  • Hudson RPO uniquely combines our recruitment process outsourcing expertise with leading in-house talent management consulting capabilities across workforce planning and employment.

Measurable quality of talent... retained

  • Our recruitment solutions provide you with the flexibility to staff up or down as dictated by your recruiting needs, paying for what you actually use.
  • At Hudson RPO, our recruiters don't work on multiple accounts. Our people sit locally, on-site or off-site in your key locations, and work only on your account. We believe this yields better results and creates more efficiency and sustainability.

We build high-touch, innovative solutions for sustainable business success

  • We partner with you demonstrating how to measure time, cost and quality for better business decisions. You'll switch to variable rather than fixed costs and benefit from increased economies of scale with productivity, stakeholder and cost measurements provided along the way.
  • Not only will you better measure the tangible benefits, but we demonstrate how to understand the important intangibles that transform HR into a value-added strategic partner to senior management.
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Anthony Martin

Executive Vice President, RPO & Talent Management
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