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Unpredictable times call for a trusted partner, a partner ready to scale up and down according to your hiring needs, providing you with the right talent where and when you need it. As we described in our previous articles, the recruitment industry is unlike it has ever been before. Climate change, vaccination strategies, remote working and The Great Resignation have called for businesses to adapt swiftly to compete for the best talent.

Attracting talent takes a holistic approach.

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At Hudson RPO, we reduced agency reliance from 92% to 7% for one of our clients.

New generations are entering the workforce. With different wants, needs, and aspirations than the generations before them, they will again transform the workforce. Gen-Z especially is asking more from employers than a place to work; employers need to answer questions about their commitments to creating equal opportunity, stances on social issues, and plans for the future. Alongside the unseen competition in the great resignation, companies need to offer a more holistic approach to recruitment, including their employer brand and benefits package.

A one-off strategy to quickly fill a role with the next available applicant is no longer enough. An RPO partner can offer a solution tailored to your needs that offers more than recruitment alone. The solution can include employer branding, data analysis, diversity & inclusion programs, early careers initiatives and more. Click here to read more about how Hudson RPO reduced agency reliance from 92% to 7% for one of our clients.

Industries are rapidly changing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown employers how quickly circumstances can change in light of a crisis and how quick adaptation is everything in such an event. With the COVID-19 pandemic not yet behind us, it is time for businesses to prepare for the next big transformation: climate change.

With energy transitions, new rules and regulations, and net-zero commitments becoming a competitive factor in winning customers and candidates, a significant shift in the market as we know it is approaching. Jobs might disappear in more traditional sectors, while new jobs will be created in modern ones, including renewables, food manufacturing, and agritech.

Industry changes call for a partner who can rapidly respond to your needs, whether to speed up or slow down hiring, adapt the recruitment process, and provide you with the latest market insights and industry expertise. At Hudson RPO, we helped our client of 12 years improve their strategy using a wealth of hiring metrics and data, click here to read more.

Long-term strategies win.

Recruitment is quickly associated with attracting talent, but recruitment takes on a more strategic role in business in the current market. Where attracting talent is becoming more time and resource-intensive, the focus in the recruitment industry is moving towards retention, learning and development.

Existing talent within your organization can disengage quickly without guidance, training, and opportunities for progression, even more so in unpredictable times where employees might reconsider what they find important. An RPO partner can help design consistent and effective onboarding processes across departments and regions; and advise on learning and development programs, leadership succession and internal mobility. Click here to read more.

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Existing talent within your organization can disengage quickly without guidance, training, and opportunities for progression.

Technology is advancing.

A successful recruitment strategy is increasingly intertwined with staying up to date with the latest technology and knowing how to use them to gain a competitive advantage. Newcomers in the social media space like TikTok and Clubhouse are transforming the candidate experience and opening new ways of sourcing. AI and Natural Language Processing are automating processes that now allow recruiters more time to spend on early engagement and delivering top-notch candidate experience across all touchpoints in the recruitment process.

The wealth of technologies and their advancements can be daunting to navigate, let alone invest. This is where Hudson RPO can advise on the technology that is right for your organization. Developing a partnership and a deep understanding of your business also allows an RPO partner to advise exactly where the technology should be implemented in the recruitment process, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your candidates.

With 2022 just around the corner, there is much more to prepare for. Over the next month, we will share our insights for 2022 and how recruitment might change even further. Recognize any of the above challenges, or do you have questions? Click here to get in touch today.

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