The great resignation: 5 steps you can take today.

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The Great Resignation has seen millions leave their jobs in the spring and summer months, but new talent doesn’t seem in a rush to replace them. Although from July to September this year, in the UK alone hiring increased by 13% and the numbers of employers looking to hire is the highest it’s been in 8 years, organizations are struggling to fill their roles. Similar trends in Australia have seen a record level of jobs growth with 45% increase in job opportunities since January 2021.

If you are struggling to hire the talent you need, in what many refer to as the toughest recruiting environment they have experienced, find the 5 steps you can take today to improve your chances of hiring below: 

three diverse co-workers in meeting
Hiring increased by 13% between July and September this year.

1. Review your benefits and working arrangements

The vast majority of jobseekers are looking for a flexible working arrangement. Every organization has a different definition for flexible working, so make sure candidates understand what this entails for your business. Not every company is able to offer flexible working arrangements, depending on the industry and nature of work. Other benefits like wellbeing offerings, financial benefits, and internal employee programs can be relevant and should be advertised throughout.

2. Be open about what you are offering

Outside of working arrangements, candidates want to see the salary ranges so they can make informed decisions on their applications and offers. Although 70% of professionals want to hear about salary in the first message from a recruiter, most companies are not openly discussing their salary ranges: 40% of UK vacancies and 50% of US vacancies are advertised without salary information and in Australia it is estimated to be as high as 80%. Compare how the salary package levels up to competitors who are recruiting for the same talent and skillsets, adjust if needed and include it with your job advertisement to create a competitive advantage.

3. Consider where you can fill roles by developing and reskilling talent

In a shortage of newly available talent, it is worth considering where talent can be trained, developed, and reskilled. The largest pool of readily available talent might already work in your organization. In other cases, talent that is interested in working for you, but doesn’t tick all the boxes on the list of requirements, could be trained on the job. In times of the Great Resignation, where staff retention is a challenge, training and development alongside appropriate wages and flexible arrangements can be a valuable, long-term investment.

woman pointing to graphs
The largest pool of readily available talent might already work in your organization.

4. Consider a broader marketplace

What roles require someone to be in, and which can be done remotely? Talent is everywhere in the world of remote working, also often making work more accessible to candidates who have families or live in smaller cities. Even though our collaboration and networks have decreased in the world of online working, the authenticity of our connections has increased. For certain roles that require input and connections, going fully remote might not be ideal, while for other roles there is no reason they can’t be done online.

5. Strengthen your employer brand

Many workers’ decision to leave their company and job, has been driven by how they were treated by their employers. Job security and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic are now elements of an employer’s brand. While previous response and decisions can’t be overturned now, part of an employer’s brand is also showing authenticity, and how the company plans to move forward in the future. Other elements of the employer brand such as the benefits, opportunities for learning and development and employer value propositions can be placed on the forefront of communications about job opportunities.

two workers sitting on window sill
Many workers’ decision to leave their company and job, has been driven by how they were treated by their employers.

Hudson RPO is a proven recruitment partner and strategic advisor in uncertain times. If you would like to discuss the steps you can take during the Great Resignation to gain access to the talent you need, get in touch today.

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