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Hudson RPO leaders feature on HRO Today’s HR Superstars list

Three senior leaders from Hudson RPO have earned a place on HRO Today‘s HR Superstars list.  They include Lori Hock, CEO for the Americas; Kimberley Hubble, CEO for Asia Pacific; and Darren Lancaster, CEO for EMEA. The list includes leaders who have a track record of innovation throughout the

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8 Signs You’re Stuck in a Talent Time Warp

Just because the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession doesn’t mean that your talent mentality has also rebounded. (1) TALENT, TALENT EVERYWHERE Everyone needs a job, so hiring the best should be fast and easy. Wrong. During the Recession great candidates may have seemed

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10 Qualities to Look for in a Hiring Partner

According to the NCMM’s Q4 2014 Indicator Survey, more than half of middle market companies are struggling to fill a skills gap. Plus, when rating their top five business challenges, the “ability to attract, train and retain talent” ranks fifth with 77% of middle market


Talent Acquisition: Implementing a Blended RPO Solution

Talent management is the single greatest challenge facing corporate directors today, according to just-released research by the Harvard Business School. Rising costs and a fierce marketplace are definite concerns, but attracting, hiring and retaining top talent and protecting these top-tier hires from being raided by


How to Manage High-Volume Recruitment Periods

Anyone who’s worked in Human Resources, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition or as a Hiring Manager for several business cycles knows there are times when your open requisition list surges and other times where you may have great candidates with no roles for them to step

Sourcing Top Supply Chain Talent in 2013

It is good to know that the state of the U.S. economy is slowly recovering, but what exactly is the condition of unemployment in the supply chain management industry? Well, believe it or not — it is low. The concern within the industry is not

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Targeting Talent Using a Centralized Sourcing Center

How often have you heard a recruitment consultant say they don’t have time to source passive candidates? It happens all the time. Recruitment consultants get pulled into a million directions and sourcing, particularly sourcing of passive candidates, inevitably takes a back seat. Sourcing quality candidates

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Using Social Media to Source Passive Candidates

Our onsite recruitment solutions have enjoyed great success sourcing passive candidates via social media. Unsurprisingly, our most lucrative channel has been LinkedIn. To a lesser extent we’ve seen some success via Twitter and Facebook as a source of hire however the success via these channels