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Benefits of RPO solutions: discover 5 advantages praised by leaders

Competitive advantage and business results depend on access to the best talent in the market. Through the implementation of ‘fit for purpose’ outsourced recruitment solutions, smart organizations are positioning themselves for increased organizational performance and growth. The benefits of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) are significant.


Government sector recruitment: 3 tips for process improvement

Government departments are facing increasing pressure to perform effectively and efficiently. Hiring quality talent is the key lever for these departments to be able to achieve the agility they need, and appropriate scrutiny should be applied when reviewing the selected resourcing model. Over the past

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Talent sourcing: what does it mean to source talent?

How does sourcing differ from recruiting? Watch the mini video now, or read more below.   Talent sourcing: what does it mean to source talent in the work world? Is it really all that different from candidate recruitment? Sourcing is the practice of finding candidates

Nailed it! Five tips that help lead RPO implementations to success

Implementing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) on a global or multi-regional scale can be mega-complicated. But with the right approach, it can also be wildly successful. You’ll likely encounter legal, cultural, operational, and commercial variations. To smooth the process, think glocally. By combining a global mindset

innovative recruitment: Darren Lancaster shares his views

Unlock the secret power of RPO

If you ask Darren Lancaster where he believes the strongest areas of RPO growth will be, he’ll tell you: it’s not necessarily in taking the whole RPO service, but in picking and choosing value-add areas. The pick-and-mix approach to talent acquisition could include pre-employment screening,

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How RPO Impacts Talent Practices in China

Lessons from an Australian RPO Executive Operating in China While working in China, I have been asked many times what I see as being the main differences between recruiting in Australia where I am from, versus in China. Basically, there are many, and I’m still

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Recruitment Hubs for Asia Recruitment

THE MULTI-COUNTRY HIRING SOLUTION: One benefit of an RPO solution that is particularly useful for Asia recruitment needs is the ability to create recruitment hubs. Heads of Recruiting (often in Singapore) who are responsible for hiring in other Asian countries (China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia,

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How to Shop RPO Companies

Have you made the decision to pursue a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution for your company? If so, you’ll need to shop around for quality RPO companies that might be the right fit for your organization. Before you make the decision, you need to conduct

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RPO Risks, Myths and Considerations

There can be many catalysts that lead a company to consider recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Be it rapid organic growth, an acquisition, geographic expansion or a corporate restructuring. Whatever the circumstance that leads you to consider an RPO provider, identifying and assessing the risks of

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Recruit-to-Hire Process: The Types of Companies That Can Benefit from RPO

With the economy in recovery mode, every business stands to benefit from streamlining its recruit-to-hire process, especially through recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Even if your company isn’t experiencing increased recruitment demands right now, Don’t delay in planning for future success. RPO provides a scalable solution