The Use of Talent Management in the RPO Model

At Hudson RPO, we have the unique ability to integrate Talent Management tools into the RPO solution that adds value to the process. From the beginning to the end, Talent Management tools can offer additional insight and structure to aid the recruitment team in making high quality selection decisions. By including these tools in the process we are able to:

  • Improve the fit between the individual and the organization
  • More accurately identify high potential/performers for the role
  • Streamline or improve the efficiency of the overall recruitment process
  • Help to eliminate the guesswork associated with hiring decisions

From the initial identification of the competencies required to perform effectively to customized assessment solutions to aid in the final decision making process, Talent Management tools offer benefits at all phases within the recruitment process. These tools can include:

  • Competency Based Interviews
  • Competency Based Scorecards
  • Online Psychometric Assessments
  • Business Based Simulation Exercises

Case Study: Our client, a large construction and engineering company, was hiring individuals to fill their Young Professional and Intern roles across the globe. Hudson RPO and Talent Management worked together to develop a college recruitment program to attract, identify, assess and select individuals to fill these roles. The process went as follows:

  1. Competency Identification and Development
  2. Candidate Application Screening
  3. Online Psychometric Assessments
  4. Telephone Based Interview — Technical and Competency Based
  5. Assessment Center
  6. Face-to-Face Interviews with the client
  7. Selection Decision

Upon completion, over 150 individuals applied to the process and approximately 30 individuals completed the assessment center process. Sixteen of these candidates were sent on to meet with the client and eventually commence roles across the globe.

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