Assessing Temporary Workforce Management Solutions

Implementing a management solution for a temporary workforce can be achieved in numerous ways. There are three common configurations: Sole or Master Service Program In this contingent hiring solution, the company engages a single managed service provider (MSP) to oversee the end-to-end temporary workforce process,


Typical Pricing Models of a Contingent Workforce Management Solution

Your stakeholders have complete buy-in, and senior management has green-lighted a contingent workforce management solution. Now, it’s a matter of reviewing pricing and completing due diligence on potential suppliers. With numerous pricing models in the marketplace, the process can be confusing, so you may have

Coach And Bench

The Key Objectives of a Contingent Workforce Solution

In business, the permanent workforce plays the role of superstar starters, while the temporary workers are impact bench players. In an age of specialization and lurching demand, a contingent workforce solution becomes even more critical. In fact, research by the Aberdeen Group says that 20


Remote Hiring & The Benefits of a Recruiting Team for Latin America

Latin Americans place great emphasis on face-to-face personal relationships, so for many Latin American companies, sourcing talent remotely and hiring remote workers simply isn’t a consideration. However, for those willing to break with tradition, operational efficiencies and cost savings await with remote hiring. The Benefits

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The Role of Recruitment in Driving Diversity in the Workforce

An effective diversity program recognizes that an organisation’s workforce and their customer base consists of a diverse population of people with differences. When these differences are harnessed a productive environment is created where employees feel valued, potential is harnessed and customers are better served. The

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The Use of Talent Management in the RPO Model

At Hudson RPO, we have the unique ability to integrate Talent Management tools into the RPO solution that adds value to the process. From the beginning to the end, Talent Management tools can offer additional insight and structure to aid the recruitment team in making