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Workforce Planning Process: Types of Plans & Team Members Needed

When kicking off the workforce planning process, you’ll need to understand the typical types of workforce plans and also the team members needed for buy-in and successful outcomes. There are 2 types of Workforce Plans. 1. Strategic Workforce Plan: aligns to the 3-5 year business

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The Triggers & Benefits of a Workforce Plan

When is it time for a Workforce Plan, and what is the expected ROI? It’s important to understand that a proper Workforce Plan requires a smart balance of technology tools, scenario planning, advanced analytics and strategic insight. Most organizations are accustomed to recruiting on an

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8 Signs You’re Stuck in a Talent Time Warp

Just because the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession doesn’t mean that your talent mentality has also rebounded. (1) TALENT, TALENT EVERYWHERE Everyone needs a job, so hiring the best should be fast and easy. Wrong. During the Recession great candidates may have seemed

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Why HR is Being Left Behind in Business

HR and Resourcing often talk about utilizing data analytics, but are we really using them? Predictive analytics is paramount to the success of other departments such as Supply Chain and Logistics… so why not in HR? HR and Resourcing is unique because we get to

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Internal Mobility Benefits Employees and the Business

Hiring from the inside Research has shown that internal mobility, the movement of employees from one position to another within an organization, is good for business in terms of lower talent acquisition costs, faster time-to-productivity and higher retention rates than external recruiting. While external recruiting

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Talent Strategy Drives Business Transformation

A vast majority of US multinationals are making changes, with 93 percent of respondents to a recent KPMG survey saying their companies are at some stage of undergoing or preparing for transformation. According to the survey report, “Business Transformation and the Corporate Agenda,” business transformation

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The Importance of the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is a key step in achieving better quality hires and encompasses every aspect of the candidate’s experience from the time they first encounter the organization, to receiving a job offer, to the first few months of their employment. Paying attention to a


Meeting the Operational Challenges of a Nontraditional Workforce

Some people resist new processes, while some embrace it. Regardless of your comfort zone with change, a workforce of transitional generations, modified attitudes of work and life balance and an evolving marketplace structure is transforming the way we work, manage and recruit. One of the