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Predictive Talent Pooling: A New Approach to a New Type of Workforce

According to a recent Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey, 90 percent of business leaders in North America and 92 percent in Latin America rate “Organizational Design” as their top human capital-related priority. The results are strikingly consistent across industries. This organizational redesign trend is

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Use Talent Pooling to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Most businesses are in the midst of a workforce redesign to empower newer, more nimble business models. The HR team must anticipate and keep pace with ongoing business innovations while driving leading-edge talent solutions to meet changing workforce needs and challenges. Predictive talent pooling provides

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4 Keys to a Great Leadership Strategy

“90 percent of my job is to fail.” Speaking at an event recently, that’s how the head of a digital company described her job. She was tasked with taking risks on an ongoing basis, with the understanding that only a handful of her initiatives would

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Attributes that Make Star Performers Bad Team Leaders

Have you ever worked for a “bulldozer” boss? Someone so focused on results that they leave a path of anxiety and intimidation in their wake? Or how about a “micro-manager” who leaves their imprint on every office matter while still complaining they have too much


How do you manage the expectations of a multigenerational workforce?

Whatever way you look at it, today’s workforce is multigenerational. The Boomers, Xers and Millennials all work together in a professional environment with very different life experiences, values and preferences. But are there really significant differences between the expectations, needs and wants of the different


The 8 Most Common Workforce Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Getting Workforce Planning right requires a smart balance of technology tools, scenario planning, advanced analytics and strategic insight. First and foremost, for Workforce Planning to achieve its purpose, the CHRO/VP of HR either needs to have a seat at the strategy table or be kept

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Workforce Planning Data: What Do You Need?

When it comes to Workforce Planning Data, the key is to avoid getting overwhelmed, get what you can get, and use that as a launching point. At the beginning it’s unlikely you’ll have every last piece of data or analytics you need, but use what

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Workforce Planning Process: Types of Plans & Team Members Needed

When kicking off the workforce planning process, you’ll need to understand the typical types of workforce plans and also the team members needed for buy-in and successful outcomes. There are 2 types of Workforce Plans. 1. Strategic Workforce Plan: aligns to the 3-5 year business