Talent sourcing trends in China

The awareness of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model is growing rapidly within China. Human Resources Managers choose RPO models not just for cost saving but also to execute optimum sourcing strategies for high volume and specialist hiring based on the latest processes and techniques. Our key findings of talent sourcing trends in China are:

New Talent Communities are forming in China:

  • The communities are organized groups of individuals found on websites and in databases
  • Where employers interact with current and future prospective employees to connect, educate and potentially source candidates for their open roles
  • To communicate currently active or future job opportunities, making candidates aware of the best possible opportunities to maximize their careers based on their specific skills
  • Using enhanced CRM and /or automated technology

Effective Sourcing Channels are changing in China:

  • Online Forums – Candidate sourcing has been switching from searching existing databases to more proactively using online forums, and this trend will continue to grow. Rather than build proprietary databases or talent pools that can get out of date very quickly, recruiters can participate in and look for potential candidates in many different online forums and communities. As almost all professionals have a fresh online presence, whether in LinkedIn or specific professional forums or elsewhere. Many of them are also participating in Weibo discussions, online group chats and so on. A recruiter can find an interesting potential candidate, start with an introduction, get connected, commence a conversation and provide the candidate with a variety of information sources about the organization and position.
  • Referrals and Alumni – Candidates are now in control of communication. They trust the opinions of their friends and relatives more than traditional advertising when it comes to decision purchases. Recruiters can consequently use their network of current employees, alumni, friends, and colleagues to crowd source good candidates and leverage referrals.
  • Reducing Time-to-Hire – When recruiting in China, entire campaigns can be run in a matter of days or weeks by using referrals, crowd sourcing, social media, mobile technologies, and by rethinking the recruitment process. Through streamlining, simplification and by getting hiring managers more involved, candidates in the Chinese market can be found, screened, assessed, and hired in days.

Mobile Device Usage is Booming in China. We see that:

  • Candidates are now always on, immersed in a digital pool of mobile devices which are growing every day.
  • When candidates do search for jobs externally, more of it is happening on mobile devices. The explosion of Android and iPhone apps in China means fewer potential candidates will be using traditional computers.
  • Clearly candidates with technical edge and savvy — the ones you are probably the most interested in hiring — will be spending most of their time on smart phones, iPads, and other tablets. If you have not developed specific recruiting apps that take advantage of these mobile platforms, you will be at a disadvantage in the following years.
  • Everything from branding to screening to even doing interviews is moving to mobile platforms. Recruiters are using tools such as simulations, video, and chat. LinkedIn, Google, Weibo, and other major players already have apps nowadays.
  • Recruiters could direct the candidate to screening apps and apps that allow the candidate to apply.

At a glance: sourcing channel trends in the Chinese market:

The Past

The Present

Future Trends

Print, Poster Corporate career website Social Media
(e.g. LinkedIn, Ushi, Weibo, to reach passive candidates live on the internet, not just where they search for jobs)
Newspaper Advertising Online job board/database
(e.g. 51job, Zhaopin, ChinaHR)
Searching Engine Usage
(e.g. Google, Baidu, to dig out more relevant candidates’ information)
Job Fairs/Event Recruiting Internal referral/transfer program Mobile Marketing
(increases exposure to candidates)
Word of Mouth Alumni networking Blogs, Micro Blogs

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