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Sending Out An SMS: Recruiting Texts From Last Night

This article originally appeared on Recruiting Daily. In recruiting we spend a whole lot of time talking about striking the balance between automation and personalization, and how best to blend high tech with high touch. But for all the talk about email blasts, talent communities

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The Creative Sourcing Myth

This article originally appeared on the SourceCon blog. Herein follows a tale of sourcing woe, like that of Juliet and her Romeo. Have you ever been in a meeting with a, fill in the blank, and at the end of the meeting the conclusion is,

Candidate Sourcing like Sherlock Holmes

How do you find something that can’t be seen? It’s a classic question we face when candidate sourcing. As the great detective himself once said, “My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.” Like Scotland Yard sending


Sourcing Alchemy: How To Transform Your Search Into A Hire

Alchemy is the study of focused transformation. I have always been fascinated by Alchemy because the aim is to take some low value resource, like lead and turn it into a high value resource like gold. In a way, a production line is an alchemical


Sourcing, Analytics, Branding: Three Roads Diverge in a Career

At your desk in the morning you read Google alerts, at lunch you browse LinkedIn, and by dinner you realize you must call your ZoomInfo rep again to add contacts. At this point in your career, you’ve developed a six-cups-of-coffee-a-day habit that has ruled out


Illuminating the Darkness on LinkedIn

Tools and techniques for unearthing hard-to-find talent on LinkedIn This blog article originally appeared on SourceCon on November 25, 2014. A few years ago I read Glen Cathey’s article called “LinkedIn’s Dark Matter- Undiscovered Profiles.” Reading the article set my mind in motion. In the

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Four Steps for Designing an Attraction & Sourcing Strategy

When working with a client, it’s important to develop a sourcing strategy for the recruitment process and for the benefit of the client. The following approach, broken into four parts, takes you through the process of understanding your ideal candidate, building a sourcing map, reviewing

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Employee Sourcing Through Recruitment Ads: Best Practices

Job boards have decreased in popularity compared to other sourcing channels, so it’s important to craft ads that increase your chances of finding qualified candidates and that diversify your employee sourcing channels. This means writing better recruitment ads, understanding why some recruitment ads fail and

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Social Recruiting through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

As social recruiting continues to mature and build employer branding opportunities for organisations, there are still many who struggle with the concept and opportunity to develop and share their company’s stories and values. Whilst many still see online recruiting as difficult or time consuming, it


Creating an Employee Value Proposition Aligned with Business Strategy

I am currently in the process of organising my 9 year-old son’s birthday party and it has occurred to me that there are a number of similarities to developing employment branding. Minchington (2005) reminds us that an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) must be “unique, relevant