How to Define Sourcing Strategies in Latin America

As part of an RPO team in a global company, we benefit from the opportunity of working with different regions. We are able to learn from each other’s experience and we get to share our point of view with the other side of the world. Yet, as Recruitment professionals, we have to be careful not to generalize when it comes to sourcing strategies. Even though we tend to have a global perspective, recruiters need to understand the client’s specific market and the regional trends before optimizing our sources.

In a region like Latin America it is hard to generalize. There are big countries like Brazil where you can post in very good job boards for free or search for specialists in LinkedIn. But you can still find different realities within a big country – social media posting might be effective for big cities while a newspaper could be the best option for a city less than 500 kilometers away.

You can also find some exceptions in countries like Colombia or Venezuela, where traditionally the Internet is not the most used tool to find job opportunities. For example there is an annual virtual employment expo & fair organized by Bumeran in Venezuela ( It is considered a great branding opportunity for companies and a great place for professionals to learn about organizations and apply for available job vacancies in different regions.

A good sourcing strategy in Latin America takes into consideration 5 important points. Recruiters should ask themselves these questions when deciding the best way to proceed:

  1. Country: What regional factors influence the way people conduct employment searches? How much do you know about this country — should you seek more information before deciding the best sourcing strategy?
  2. Location: is it a big city, where people have access to the Internet or is it a small provincial city where people tend to look for jobs in the newspaper? Are there any special work related events?
  3. Segment and Expertise: Is it possible to find these people in associations or groups? Is it crucial to be a member of groups targeting specific workforce segments, i.e. industrial, retail, legal, technological, and so on?
  4. Academic Background: What is the availability of good professionals attending graduation or post-graduation courses in local universities? Do we have college recruiting programs? What is the internship concept for each country? Can fostering relationship with renowned academics broaden your scope for recruitment?
  5. Effective sourcing should also consider brand awareness and positive image. When the company is known as a great place to work, professionals are drawn to the company enabling greater potential for recruitment. And this brings us to the 5th great point: referrals.

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