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The Use of CRM in Talent Pipelining

Leverage a CRM to organize prospects,
learn more about candidates and
increase your chances of hiring
the right talent faster

Smart companies don’t wait until they have a need to hire to begin recruiting talent. Building a talent pipeline, or a database of qualified individuals you can quickly connect with when a hiring need arises, is a mark of an excellent recruitment philosophy. It is the proactive approach to recruiting that is vital to be successful.

A Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system is an excellent tool to assist with this problem and so many more obstacles we come across in finding talent. Leveraging a CRM in combination with talent pipeline methodology is a competitive advantage necessary in today’s world.

We always strive to have prospects ready and waiting when an opening occurs within our organization. Leveraging a CRM is a way to organize your contacts, learn more about a prospective candidate, let the prospective candidate learn know more about you, and increase your chances of hiring the right individual faster.

There are several things you can do in leveraging a CRM to get the most out of your talent pipelining efforts:

    Prospects are resourceful and know what they want in an employer. They crave engagement and interaction with prospective employers. A CRM allows you to connect with prospects via several communication channels simultaneously.
    Capture information provided by the individual so you can leverage their motivations and interests when reaching out to them. This helps personalize your communication efforts and makes the individual feel special.
    Tag candidates to assist in future searches and easily identify talent.
    Build company’s brand and keep prospects engaged in exciting changes within your organization.
    Seamlessly update all your social networks direct from the CRM so you no longer have to log into each network individually.
    Create and maintain blogs prospective candidates can subscribe to and obtain updates on topics in which they are interested.

When used consistently and diligently, a CRM will help you connect with talented people who are interested in your company, and develop relationships with passive, but highly desirable candidates to build a strong talent pipeline. This will help to reduce your time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and alleviate your administrative burden.

Don’t let the perfect individual slip through your fingers by being buried in your ATS, file folder, or spreadsheet. Integrate a CRM technology into your talent pipeline methodology and you will stand out from the competition with a proactive approach to recruiting.

Learn how Hudson RPO can help with your use of CRM in talent pipelining.  Contact us today.

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