Instagram matters for employer branding

Employer branding on Instagram: candidates want to sneak a peek

Building an employer brand? You’ll need a creative strategy for connecting with preferred candidates, particularly if they’re not actively seeking a new role. You’ll want to explore the best ways to share stories from your workplace — stories that will attract and engage high-quality candidates.

A strong employer brand can help lessen the chances of candidate ghosting.

Candidate ghosting? Ugh. A stronger employer brand can help

It’s ten minutes past the scheduled interview time, but where’s your candidate? Have you just been ghosted? Unfortunately, candidate ghosting is a very real thing that HR and hiring managers encounter. Aggravating? Of course it is. You’ve presented a fantastic opportunity and invested precious time

Unlock the secret power of RPO

If you ask Darren Lancaster where he believes the strongest areas of RPO growth will be, he’ll tell you: it’s not necessarily in taking the whole RPO service, but in picking and choosing value-add areas. The pick-and-mix approach to talent acquisition could include pre-employment screening,

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IT Recruitment Services

Experienced in Outsourcing IT Recruitment Speak to most CIOs today and they’ll tell you a big challenge is filling the technology and developer roles they have open today. The “tech talent crunch” means the size of the experienced talent pool is shrinking, and competition is

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RPO Recruitment Services

LEVERAGE OUR SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE TEAM WORLDWIDE If you are an HR leader at a multi-national company, you’ve probably noticed many recruitment management firms claim they are global. However, it would be difficult to find another firm that comes close to Hudson RPO’s on-the-ground global recruitment presence.

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International Recruitment

HUDSON RPO IS A TOP INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT AGENCY Hudson RPO offers a range of global, customizable recruiting solutions.  Our capabilities include: total talent solutions, full or project RPO, blended RPO/MSP, consulting, and employer branding & sourcing innovation services. We specialize in international recruitment and serve 43

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3 Ways RPO Reduces Costs

Given today’s economic environment, greater operational cost efficiency is an organizational imperative. The recent recession has driven a significant change in hiring demand and requirements for most businesses, causing companies to reevaluate their recruitment process and cost structure. Following are three ways that outsourced recruitment

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Outsourced Recruitment Projects

ON-DEMAND RPO ALLOWS FOR QUICK SCALING WITHIN A DEFINED TIMEFRAME Recruitment Projects services give you on-demand assistance to manage recruitment spikes, short-term recruiting projects and specialized needs — without the added overhead. Whether you need to build a sales team quickly for a new product launch or top-grade your

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RPO Services

Hudson RPO’s services offer clients a variety of recruitment solutions to meet your business objectives. As an RPO Vendor, we work closely with HR and talent acquisition leaders to customize the most effective solution for your company. Whether full recruitment process outsourcing, contingent workforce solutions

Contract jobs: what to consider before becoming a contractor

The contract workforce has grown rapidly over the past few years, with more exponential growth predicted. If the growth of the contract workforce continues on pace, more than half of the US workforce will be freelancing by 2027, according to a 2017 study by Upwork