Hudson RPO client Sharp

Competing for talent in today’s market: Sharp’s story

When it comes to operating a lean talent model, there’s no shortage of challenges. The number of roles you need to fill can fluctuate greatly. Different languages might be needed today, but the requirements could look completely different tomorrow. While the list goes on, a

Recruiting women in the workplace: a leadership gap

Recruiting women in the workplace, and promoting them as leaders, continues to be a key business challenge for many enterprises worldwide. Just ask Jenny Milner, a talent resourcing manager for Hudson RPO. Jenny delivers talent solutions for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), one of our key

Cancer Research UK fundraising: Hudson RPO up for the challenge

This event has now passed. Please click here for full coverage of the 2019 charity challenge, including pictures, video, and more. Cancer Research UK fundraising is a mere cycle/swim/hike away! This June, a team of colleagues from Hudson RPO will swim lakes, climb Helwellyn mountain,

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Recruiter magazine features Hudson RPO

Recruiter magazine recently featured Hudson RPO in an article headlined: “Hudson RPO well-positioned as the RPO process moves centre stage”. The editor interviewed global CEO Jeff Eberwein, as well as EMEA CEO Darren Lancaster. Jeff described RPO as the ‘crown jewels’ of the business. He

Discover how Brexit will affect recruitment: exclusive insights

Wondering how Brexit will affect recruitment? We spoke with EMEA CEO Darren Lancaster to get his views on how Brexit is influencing talent strategy. During the conversation, Darren explored the impact of Brexit on hiring demand, recruiters, and the wider industry ecosystem. Read on to

Recruitment companies in China: report features Hudson RPO

Recruitment companies in China operate in a unique environment, with concerns about trade wars often hampering growth strategies. But as Hudson RPO continues to demonstrate, growth within the Chinese recruitment market is achievable. Over the last year, our recruitment operations have steadily expanded from our

RPO implementation discussion

Project RPO vs. end-to-end RPO: what’s the difference?

Project RPO vs. end-to-end RPO: the amount of time committed to RPO tends to define whether it’s considered project, or end-to-end. But first, you may wonder, “What is RPO?“. RPO refers to ‘recruitment process outsourcing’. The term ‘outsourced recruitment’ is similar to RPO, but RPO

managed services (MSP)

Recruitment process outsourcing: what are managed services?

In the context of recruitment process outsourcing, “managed services” refer to the supply and management of a contract workforce. This workforce includes task-ready contractors who can provide services either independently, or through a statement of work (SOW). The phrase “managed services” is largely interchangeable with

Business engagement: discover how to motivate stakeholders

Business engagement is a journey, but finding out what inspires people is the key to motivating them. It’s not always easy, of course. So, how do you engage challenging stakeholders who are reluctant to adopt change? Find your way forward with advice from Lori Hock,