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Flexible Solutions to Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Off the shelf just doesn’t cut it anymore. In the past, we lived in a more cookie-cutter world: dressed the same, watched the same television shows, and listened to the same music. Today “bespoke” is the buzzword. Customized, made to order, built to suit. Recruitment


Recruiting Trends: 5 Critical Skills Required for Today’s Recruiters

Gone is the Rolodex, replaced with real-time data. Help-wanted ads have given way to web postings. Today’s recruiters are in a rapidly changing industry serving a broad tapestry of corporations, regions and languages. Modern recruiting trends require a professional that is online, well-connected and active


Knowing When the Time is Right to Hire an RPO Service

You know when things are getting a bit out of hand. Time is short and deadlines are pressing. The staff is on edge and you’ve lost a bit of your usual confidence. Retaining the most effective employees is becoming a challenge, and recruiting has become

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Four Steps for Designing an Attraction & Sourcing Strategy

When working with a client, it’s important to develop a sourcing strategy for the recruitment process and for the benefit of the client. The following approach, broken into four parts, takes you through the process of understanding your ideal candidate, building a sourcing map, reviewing

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The ROI on RPO: Cutting Down on Recruitment Problems

Is your company facing recruitment problems, such as overwhelmed hiring managers, vacant spots, high turnover rates and a sea of unqualified recruits? If yes, these problems are draining your company’s money. Turning to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can help your company cut down on the

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Recruit-to-Hire Process: The Types of Companies That Can Benefit from RPO

With the economy in recovery mode, every business stands to benefit from streamlining its recruit-to-hire process, especially through recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Even if your company isn’t experiencing increased recruitment demands right now, Don’t delay in planning for future success. RPO provides a scalable solution


Meeting the Operational Challenges of a Nontraditional Workforce

Some people resist new processes, while some embrace it. Regardless of your comfort zone with change, a workforce of transitional generations, modified attitudes of work and life balance and an evolving marketplace structure is transforming the way we work, manage and recruit. One of the


Assessing Temporary Workforce Management Solutions

Implementing a management solution for a temporary workforce can be achieved in numerous ways. There are three common configurations: Sole or Master Service Program In this contingent hiring solution, the company engages a single managed service provider (MSP) to oversee the end-to-end temporary workforce process,


Typical Pricing Models of a Contingent Workforce Management Solution

Your stakeholders have complete buy-in, and senior management has green-lighted a contingent workforce management solution. Now, it’s a matter of reviewing pricing and completing due diligence on potential suppliers. With numerous pricing models in the marketplace, the process can be confusing, so you may have

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Enhancing your Employee Value Proposition to Win the Talent War

After a brief lull during the global recession, the war for talent is back. And the challenge is greater than ever. The battle to lure, recruit and retain top-tier talent has evolved and relies even more on the effective presentation of your employer brand and