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How to Use RPO to Drive International Internal Recruitment

The “War for Talent” (McKinsey & Company, April 2001) states that, “Reduced supply of future executives in Europe and US will make the international war for talent more intense.” Internal employees are one of the best talent resources available to help minimise the impact of

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Technology in Recruitment: The Past, Present and Future

The Past In our industry we are spoiled with a plethora of gadgets and applications to aid in the recruitment life cycle. It’s hard to believe not many years ago most agencies just worked with a pad of paper, a wired telephone and a filing

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The Use of CRM in Talent Pipelining

Smart companies don’t wait until they have a need to hire to begin recruiting talent. Building a talent pipeline, or a database of qualified individuals you can quickly connect with when a hiring need arises, is a mark of an excellent recruitment philosophy. It is

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Building Talent Communities: 5 Lessons from the Frontline

Search for the term ‘Talent Communities’ on Google and you’ll find scores of articles with a variety of definitions and opinions. The inexorable rise of social media over the last ten years generated the idea of social recruitment which informed the notion of talent communities.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and the Engineering Industry

Engineering, utilities and energy are all sectors which are bucking the trend in these gloomy economic times. Whether it’s a career in automotive, technology/electronics, nuclear, renewable energy or oil and gas, being an engineer is probably the safest job with the best career opportunities currently

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The Role of Recruitment in Driving Diversity in the Workforce

An effective diversity program recognizes that an organisation’s workforce and their customer base consists of a diverse population of people with differences. When these differences are harnessed a productive environment is created where employees feel valued, potential is harnessed and customers are better served. The

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Talent sourcing trends in China

The awareness of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model is growing rapidly within China. Human Resources Managers choose RPO models not just for cost saving but also to execute optimum sourcing strategies for high volume and specialist hiring based on the latest processes and techniques.

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The Importance of Scalable & Flexible Recruitment Models: Real Life Examples

Many organisations have struggled with changing recruitment volumes over the past decade as a result of economic change, mergers and acquisitions and growth. Not only have we seen fluctuations to volume, but also the activities required to support the business for example, recruitment versus redeployment.

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Top Pitfalls to Avoid when Implementing an RPO Solution

You’ve chosen your RPO partner by assessing their performance, track record and potential as a long term partner. After determining that your culture and values align, you negotiated competitive commercial terms and finally signed on the dotted line. You’re ready for the smooth launch of

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in 95 Seconds

What is RPO? Sure everybody knows what “recruiting” is, and they know what “outsourcing” means, but do you really understand the full benefits of an RPO solution? Click below to watch Hudson RPO’s new 95 second video   Learn how Hudson RPO can help you