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The Importance of the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is a key
step in achieving better quality hires

The onboarding process is a key step in achieving better quality hires — and encompasses every aspect of the candidate's experience from the time they first encounter the organization, to receiving a job offer, to the first few months of their employment.

Paying attention to a new employee beyond the initial recruitment process, in the period up to joining and in the first three months of their new role, is critical. This is the period when their impression of a company is formed. It can have an enormous impact on their motivation, their performance in a job and their likelihood to stay with their new employer.

When the employee has completed their probation, a formal onboarding interview should take place. This is the opportunity for organizations to find out what the employee's experience of the company has been like. Key questions should include:

  • What was it that attracted you to this company and job in the first place?
  • What made you choose to accept this position and not another one?
  • Has the recruitment process impacted your desire to work here? And, if so, how? What has the experience been like since joining? Did the reality live up to the promise?

This information can be used to understand the organization's value proposition and help communicate it more effectively to future candidates. It can also provide valuable feedback to HR about alignment between promise and practice, indicating specific tactics they can employ to ensure the organization delivers on its promises.

Learn how Hudson RPO can enhance your onboarding process, leading to improved quality of hires, faster turn around and more productive employees.  Contact us today.


Benefits of RPO Solutions You Should Know

Recruitment process outsourcing
can help your company save time
and money, while helping to
secure top-notch talent.

Competitive advantage and business results depend more than ever on having access to the best talent in the market. Through the implementation of "fit for purpose" outsourced recruitment solutions, smart organizations are positioning themselves for increased organizational performance and growth. Whether outsourcing all aspects of recruitment, components of the end to end recruitment process (unbundled) or just key business critical role families, the benefits of RPO are significant. The top 5 benefits are:

1.  Cost reduction - Many organizations spend a significant amount of money on recruitment through a heavy reliance on agencies, high use of online job boards and significant investments in underutilized recruitment technology. The indirect costs of recruitment pertaining to poor quality hires, lengthy vacancy periods and high turnover are the invisible but arguably higher costs to the organization. A significant benefit of RPO is the reduced cost by developing efficient robust recruitment processes, driving direct proactive sourcing strategies and focusing on quality of hire for every hire.

2.  Scalability & flexibility - RPO provides a recruitment model that can be scaled up or down in line with an organizations recruitment demands The client has the benefit of a core team of recruitment experts during business as usual hiring with access to additional skilled consultants from RPO talent pools or shared services centers during peak hiring. The RPO model adapts to fluctuating recruitment needs without compromising speed, quality and brand.

3.  Quality of hire - Attracting and sourcing talent is RPO's core expertise. With centers of expertise across technology, sourcing, recruitment process design, employment branding and reporting, RPOs are optimally positioned to attract, source and assess quality talent for every role. Through the application of rigorous assessment and selection methodologies and a strong partnerships with HR, RPO providers are able to positively impact retention and performance of all new hires.

4.  Reduction in vacancy time - The longer a vacancy remains open, the greater the impact on an organizations performance. Reducing time to fill is a key deliverable under an RPO model. Driving efficiencies in the recruitment process and developing superior talent attraction strategies delivers significant reductions in the time a role is vacant. The RPO provider is adept at balancing speed of hire with quality of hire to ensure the right outcome every time.

5.  Enhance employment brand - RPO solutions have a powerful impact on an organizations employment brand. This is achieved through managing every aspect of the recruitment process well, ensuring core messages to market are consistent and driving high levels of candidate satisfaction. The candidate experience is critical to driving the perception of an organization as a place to work - done well an RPO solution positions an organization as a magnet for prospective talent.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is fast becoming the right solution for many organizations who want to access the best talent in an efficient, professional and cost effective way. Organizations are reaping the benefits of having experts manage the administration of recruitment whilst retaining control of all hiring decisions.

Contact Hudson RPO to discover even more benefits of RPO solutions and find out if it's right for your business.


Flexible Solutions to Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing is a
solution specially tailored to the
recruitment needs of a wide variety
of organizations.

Off the shelf just doesn't cut it anymore. In the past, we lived in a more cookie-cutter world: dressed the same, watched the same television shows, and listened to the same music. Today "bespoke" is the buzzword. Customized, made to order, built to suit.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a solution specially tailored to the recruitment needs of a wide variety of organizations, from middle market firms to multinational conglomerates. But transferring all or a part of your recruitment process to an outside provider is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Outsourcing Solutions

Modern workforces must meet many demands. Employment often varies by season, contractors are retained for special projects and technical teams are deployed as needed. The war to win the most-talented employees is multi-faceted and ever changing. Contingent workforce solutions and permanent hiring across job families requires coordination and flexibility. Recruitment process outsourcing can scale to meet those needs.

  • Complete Outsourcing. The most comprehensive solution. The outsourced provider manages end-to-end hiring processes for some or all departments and roles.
  • Hybrid. The client retains an in-house recruitment team, but leans on the RPO provider on an ongoing basis to meet additional talent demands. For example, this could be for specific roles, geographic needs or niche skills. Or to meet the heaviest talent demands, such as in sales or technology.
  • Project Basis. Tapping the resources of an RPO for a specific time or project to meet a particular need, to manage short-term workforce spikes or for specialized needs. Capabilities can be accessed on demand, including sourcing, recruiting, screening or interviewing.

Looking Beyond Simple Cost Savings

Recruitment process outsourcing allows you to engage the core competencies of a specialized service provider. As with any industry, a day-to-day working knowledge allows greater efficiency and economies of scale.

Often, the initial motivation for outsourcing is to seek lower costs, and reducing cost-per-hire is certainly a benefit. But more than that are the inherent competitive advantages of hiring the best-of-the best, reducing time to hire and tapping talent pools that would otherwise be unavailable.

And an RPO can provide objective recruitment insight to your current efforts. By analyzing metrics such as time to fill, quality of hire, retention and revenue per employee, you will gain a new perspective on your established recruitment processes, and learn how to improve them.

There's a lot to be said for a made-to-measure world.

Hudson can help find a solution for your recruitment process outsourcing needs.  Contact us today.





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