Kimberley Hubble, Hudson RPO CEO for APAC

Recruitment strategies: CEO advice on top HR considerations

Recruitment strategies often headline workforce planning conversations. Just ask Kimberley Hubble, CEO for Hudson RPO in APAC. As a trusted recruitment leader with more than 25 years of industry experience, Kimberley regularly consults with business leaders about fundamental considerations for HR and the wider organisation.

CEO views: is employer branding worth the time and effort?

Positive candidate engagement is the precursor to employer brand engagement. But in a world saturated with impersonal interactions, how do you ensure your candidate experience includes a personal touch? There are at least two routes to consider: AI and L&D. Let’s start by establishing why

Global talent acquisition: how to compete with astonishing growth

Global talent acquisition is growing at an extraordinary pace. Among global professionals, 70 percent of people in professional services work remotely one day per week, and more than 50 percent work remotely at least half the week. Those insights may astonish workers and managers who

A poor workplace culture? Talent leaders take note: danger ahead

Workplace culture drives employee engagement. It can send a company performance skyrocketing, or nosediving. A great workplace culture cultivates highly engaged employees. Without a motivated workforce, productivity suffers. Your bottom line suffers. Employees and customers suffer. A poor workplace culture? The ramifications are huge. “Having

Building a conscious organisation at HRD Summit 2019

What a memorable day at the HRD Summit! It’s been a privilege to participate in this phenomenal annual event. So many passionate members of the talent community sharing wisdom and discovering solutions through deep discussions and interactive sessions — it’s truly fantastic. I’ve been inspired

Instagram matters for employer branding

Employer branding on Instagram: candidates want to sneak a peek

Building an employer brand? You’ll need a creative strategy for connecting with preferred candidates, particularly if they’re not actively seeking a new role. You’ll want to explore the best ways to share stories from your workplace — stories that will attract and engage high-quality candidates.

A strong employer brand can help lessen the chances of candidate ghosting.

Candidate ghosting? Ugh. A stronger employer brand can help

It’s ten minutes past the scheduled interview time, but where’s your candidate? Have you just been ghosted? Unfortunately, candidate ghosting is a very real thing that HR and hiring managers encounter. Aggravating? Of course it is. You’ve presented a fantastic opportunity and invested precious time

innovative recruitment: Darren Lancaster shares his views

Unlock the secret power of RPO

If you ask Darren Lancaster where he believes the strongest areas of RPO growth will be, he’ll tell you: it’s not necessarily in taking the whole RPO service, but in picking and choosing value-add areas. The pick-and-mix approach to talent acquisition could include pre-employment screening,

video camera

How Employer Brand Videos Draw Talent

The best employer brand videos pull back the curtain on your workplace and give would-be employees a brief glimpse into your company’s mission, expectations, workplace culture, and day-to-day operations. That’s a lot to fit into a video that will likely last between one and four