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RPO Trends in Canada: Recruiting Meets Agility

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) agencies manage an organization’s permanent recruiting efforts enterprise-wide, within a specific department or for a specific short-term project (such as hiring sales people for a new product launch). The RPO team “becomes” part of the client company, while taking ownership of the design and execution of the recruitment process with an eye toward constant improvement of and responsibility for the results.

Companies in Canada are rethinking the way they use recruitment process outsourcing. Where large businesses once engaged RPO almost exclusively to manage ongoing recruitment, today companies both large and mid-sized are expanding its use across their organizations for large-scale hiring pushes and short-term special projects. Companies are also harnessing the expertise brought by RPO providers to stay ahead of fast-emerging human capital trends, such as advanced sourcing, social recruiting, employer branding and ROI metrics.

RPO has enjoyed exponential growth globally in recent years; a 2016 report by the Aberdeen Group found that use of RPO has grown by 32 percent worldwide since 2011. In Canada, companies recognize the pivotal role of hiring in their success. A full 81 percent of human resource leaders in Canada and the U.S. say talent is the number one priority at their company, according to a 2017 recruiting trends survey by LinkedIn. Yet 68 percent of the survey’s respondents said the size of their hiring teams is expected to remain the same, and 31 percent said a limited budget was among the top challenges they faced.

Until recently, Canadian companies often wouldn’t realize the far-reaching value of RPO until working with a provider on a special hiring project in one area of their business. For example, pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline initially engaged Hudson exclusively to fill roles in its manufacturing and supply operations in Canada. But the success and agility of this approach prompted them to expand RPO to hiring for their support functions, medical and commercial teams.

But increasingly, businesses are recognizing from the start that RPO gives them immediate access to deep hiring knowledge, employer branding expertise, talent sources, and the newest recruitment technologies and social recruiting methods. These are all critical to attracting top talent, establishing a positive candidate experience, and measuring quality of hire and other key performance indicators. Today, RPO firms offer candidate relationship tools, social media expertise, measurement tools, as well as marketing expertise.

According to the LinkedIn recruiting trends survey, 81 percent of HR leaders recognize that their organization’s employer brand plays a crucial role in their ability to hire the best candidates. Recruitment process outsourcing firms increasingly offer marketing expertise to help organizations establish or enhance their brands and ensure they are shared effectively through social media, company career pages and networking platforms.

Through 2020, talent leaders expect key recruiting trends to include soft skills assessment tools, enhanced employee diversity, and innovations in interviewing tools and candidate relationship management. But staying on top of the latest in hiring best practices and technologies, and building an employer brand can be costly for companies, and can divert the focus of HR teams from important tasks. In RPO partnerships, companies leverage all of these tools on an as-needed basis.

In Canada, the talent market is tight and only expected to tighten more in the coming years. In order to draw top talent, businesses must offer stellar candidate and employee experiences from application through onboarding and training, while not straining the budget to the breaking point. This is a challenging, complex goal. With their flexibility and up-to-the-minute knowledge and technologies, RPOs are tailor-made to help companies achieve it.

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Hudson ranks as 4th ‘Most Socially Engaged’ globally on LinkedIn

Hudson has ranked 4th among large global firms on LinkedIn’s prestigious ‘Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies’ 2016 ranking. This marks the second consecutive year (since the list’s inception) that Hudson has been named to the list. Click here to view the 2016 rankings.

LinkedIn ranks over 60,000 firms to find the top 25. According to LinkedIn’s methodology page, social reach, employee engagement, employment brand and content marketing power on their social platform are considered when ranking companies for the list. This is achieved by investigating thsands of data points, over the past year, for more than 60,000 Search and Staffing companies listed on LinkedIn.

The ranking is measured using three key areas:

1)    Content Marketing: The company’s content efforts measured by LinkedIn members’ engagement with that content.

  • Content – Groups, Company Updates, Sponsored Updates, Influencer and Employee posts and Employee shares.
  • Member engagement – likes, shares, comments, follows and clicks.

2)    Social Recruiting: How effective a company’s consultants are at:

  • Establishing professional brand through profile completeness and rich content.
  • Finding the right people and engaging with Insights.
  • Building relationships with other LinkedIn members.

3)    Social Reach and Social Engagement: A company’s presence on LinkedIn, measured as our member’s:

  • View and apply for Jobs.
  • Follow your Company Page.
  • Research a Career Page.

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Predictive Talent Pooling – Setting the Groundwork through Candidate Relationship Management

Reaching out to the best professionals in your industry is a great opportunity to build your brand as an employer. But the reality is that in-demand candidates are often in multiple talent pools.

Regular, strategic, high-quality content will warm talent to your company.

Hudson takes a structured approach to candidate relationship management that varies depending on the role type. A senior executive earning a high salary will have different expectations, for example, than a young but high-potential sales representative.

We first ask how they would like us to communicate with them. It could be a phone call, an e-newsletter or, in the case of senior positions, direct contact from a senior executive. For some candidates a quarterly email or half-yearly phone call is enough, plus an annual prompt to update their resume. When seniority is higher or talent is more specialized, it could be a summary of the annual report, a client win or a project update.

Content should be a mix of articles, photos and videos— particularly if you are targeting younger generations.

Clever candidate relationship management technology can monitor how engaged candidates interact with the content you distribute. This can help you gauge their level of interest in your company and the effectiveness of your content. It can also allow you to automatically tailor the frequency of communication to each candidate’s level of interest.

“Prior to building and engaging talent pools, it’s imperative to include key stakeholders in the process. You need to be aware of any policies, restrictions, brand guidelines or strategic marketing initiatives before launching your talent pool communication program. Be sure to secure input and necessary approvals from HR, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Communications and other key leaders so the program runs smoothly.”
--Rebecca Valladares, Senior Vice President of Relationship Management – Hudson

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